Your wellbeing is important to us and as apprentices you may face challenges in managing your work / life balance. Here are some hints and tips that can help you manage your health and wellbeing whilst at DMU:

  • Keeping a routine and schedule your time. Why not make a list of actions that need to be achieved that day or give yourself set times to work.
  • Schedule breaks or some downtime. When studying or working from home it can be easy to carry on through breaktimes but it is important to take time to clear your head and if you can get outdoors to do this then even better!
  • Have a dedicated space to work and at the end of the day put away anything related to your study.

Why not take a look at the Healthy DMU Hub for more health and wellbeing tips?

There might be times when you need further support and we have services at DMU that can help you.

  • If your finances are something which are troubling you, we have a Student Finance and Welfare team you can speak to.
  • The Mandala project can signpost any DMU student or apprentice towards practical support for Sexual assault, Domestic abuse or ‘honour’ based abuse, Harassment or unwanted behaviour
  • No Space for Hate can offer advice, signposting or practical support to DMU students and apprentices who are victims or witnesses of unwanted behaviour linked to hate or harassment. 
  • The Disability Advice and Support Team also offer support and you can find all of their 1-1 appointments on MyGateway. If you are an apprentice please email for more information.
  • The Wellbeing and Mental Health Teams offer counselling and a range of support for our students and apprentices with existing mental health conditions. You can book a Single Point of Access appointment to see a member of the team through MyGateway or email for more information.
  • Able Futures can help you manage your mental health at work so you can enjoy more good days. They can offer a range of advice and guidance such as learning coping mechanisms or building resilience. Call Able Futures free on 0800 321 3137 from 8am to 10.30pm, Monday to Friday to find out more about our online mental health support. 

 You can also speak to a DMU member of staff and raise any concerns about your wellbeing in the quarterly review meetings.

We want you to you enjoy your journey at DMU, succeed and reach your full potential in your studies and placements.