The Social Collective



What is it?

The aim of The Social Collective is to help first-year students settle in and find friendships, which in turn will help give them a wider sense of belonging within DMU and DSU. 

Starting university can be a challenging time. You might be in a new city with new people, or even a new country with a new language. It might seem like there are a lot of new things that you need to learn and you are not sure where to start. You might have a million different questions. 

This is where The Social Collective comes in. By attending events each with the same Rep and the same group of students, you will get to know new people and, hopefully, have those questions answered. All whilst getting to try something new and based upon your interests. By attending the events as a Collective, you won’t have to worry about not knowing anyone else at the event. Perfect if you are a bit nervous about attending new events on your own.

Who is it for?

The Social Collective is for any First Year Student who would like to attend new free events and activities and meet new people. 

 It is also for any students who would like to support First Year Students settling into university as a Rep. If you are interested in being a Rep, then please fill out this form to sign up.

How it works

The Social Collective runs for one term at a time. Term 1 is September until December, starting with Fresher’s Week. Term 2 is January until March, starting with Re-Fresher’s Week.

 During the term, Reps will be allocated a group of students. They will meet with these students at the same place every week. This enables everyone in the Collective to get to know each other before going to the event or activity. 

 The group will then attend an event or activity based on your interest categories. The categories are:

  • Fitness fun
  • Wellbeing wonders
  • Social discovery
  • Studies and skills
  • Super societies
  • Valuable volunteering.

 All volunteers receive training prior to the start of the term on what being a Rep is all about and induction on supporting students in group activities and events. 

 If at the end of the term, you feel much more confident about life at university, meeting new people and attending events, then you can become a Rep and support your own Collective of new students! This allows you to develop your own skills further and to give back in the same way you were supported.

Information about events can be found on the DSU events calendar.

Contact us

Any questions, please email the Opportunities Team at or pop in to the Student Hub, Campus Centre Building between 10am-4pm during weekdays.

To find out more information about being a Rep, visit the DSU website.