Inside Edge Mentoring



What is it?

Inside Edge Mentoring is a dedicated mentoring offer from your Careers Team at DMU designed to help you learn and grow from shared experiences with professionals in industry.

The aim of the scheme is to improve the career readiness of our students using industry mentors. The scheme is a guided step by step process to immerse yourself in mentoring and focus on your professional development.

Students will meet with mentors in a variety of different experiences in order to discuss the mentor’s career, work experience perspective and wisdom. Here, our students get to learn about the opportunities, politics, demands and cultures of the working world.

It’s all about giving students an insight into potential career paths and helping them to fulfil their aspirations for employment.

Who is it for?

All current DMU students can apply to experience Inside Edge mentoring with industry professionals. This includes undergraduates, post graduates, home and international, across all faculties, across all years, campus based and distance learner.

We recruit our professional mentors from a range of industries, with preference given to DMU alumni. Ultimately, we look for mentors who can share their experience, and pass on essential information to give students a competitive edge when it comes to the world of work.

How it works

When a student joins the Inside Edge Mentoring scheme, they will work through a guided multi stage process. Student attend taught sessions and workshops, sample mentoring, assess their needs and then engage in a variety of mentoring activity based on their needs.

Each stage builds on the last, invests in the mentees employability and develops their ability to become an effective mentee. Each mentees experience is tailored and can be as light touch or deep and involved as they desire, within a scheme that is flexible and can fit around the demands of university life.

What our students say

"This scheme is an eye opener for students like myself with little to no support system. It has transformed my life in more ways than I could have predicted. Keep up the hard work Andy."

"This is the most helpful scheme I have ever participated in. Andy you are doing amazing at what you do and a great inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for connecting us with such great people and helping us so much in becoming more employable. Truly the best scheme in DMU!"

"The mentoring sessions have been one of my highlights at DMU this year, it has been a life-changing experience that has given me perspective on life and how to shape my future career and I must say I feel more confident going forward. I am eternally grateful to everyone who gave a piece of themselves in every session and the ripple effects from this will be limitless."

"Andy is an absolutely amazing support and makes the university experience feel more personal rather than a vague experience. I know I can stay in touch and he would support me through every obstacle."

"Watching Andy doing what he does is so amazing. He has definitely found his purpose and is committed to providing the best. All I can say is to continue with the amazing work that is life transforming. I am so grateful I attended the program. Thank you so much."

Contact us

If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact Andy Morris, Employability Mentoring Manager, at or check out our website.