International Incorporated Bachelor's Degrees

The International Incorporated Bachelors (IIB) programme offers you a different start to your undergraduate studies at DMU, strengthening your English abilities and introducing basic concepts and key academic skills required for your chosen degee subject.

Depending on your academic profile, you can study a three or four-year degree.

Stages of entry

Stage one -  International Year Zero (IYZ)

The IYZ is the first year of the four-year IIB and is delivered at DMUIC.  Once you successfully complete this year, you will continue studying the remaining stages of your degree directly with DMU.

Stage two - International First Year (IFY)

The IFY is the first year of the three-year IIB and is delivered at DMUIC.  It is the equivalent to your first year of study at undergraduate level.  Once you have successfully completed this year, you will be fast-tracked to the second year of your degree study directly with DMU.    

Study modules

Depending on your choice of course, you will study one or more of these modules to enhance your academic skills.  

  • Study Skills I: Introduction to DMU (IYZ only)

This module provides a vehicle for you to participate in a range of on-and-off campus activities and by a thorough introduction into the life of culture of DMU and the City of Leicester to enable you to reflect upon your initial experiences through short essays and a presentation.

  • Study Skills II: IT & Numeracy (IYZ only)

You will gain a foundation in computing skills and enhance your maths abilities.  You will learn how to use Microsoft Office - Word, Excel and Powerpoint, retrieving and assessing material through the use of internet search engines and the use of e-mail.  

  • Study Skills III: Communication (IYZ only)

In this module, you will study referencing in academic writing and how to avoid plagiarism, experience note-taking in a lecture hall environment and develop your speaking capabilities and confidence by undertaking exercises in public speaking and debating.  

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

It is vital you can communicate in English and understand your lectures.  In addition to the core modules, there is a continuous English language module to help you improve your skills.  You will learn how to express your opinions and arguments in writing as well as verbally or through speech; produce written academic work; and enhance your research skills.  Our teachers are experts at helping you improve your English for the purposes of studying and communicating at university and beyond.  


Throughout your undergraduate pathway programme, you will be continuously assessed to make sure that you are on track.  We will give feedback in person and in writing so that you know how you are doing and how to improve.  Through project work, you will learn to work independently and in groups, and we will also assess your progress through tests and exams.  Any assignments will be graded and critiqued by your tutor.

Teaching to university standards

To give you the best preparation for DMU's lecture halls and classrooms, our classes prepare you for higher education at DMU, bridging the gap from secondary to tertiary education.  Some courses use the University's technical and creative facilities, helping you become more familiar with the campus. 

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