What DMUIC students say

'The programme helped me to get ready for a university setting in all aspects, educationally, relationship-wise and student university life navigation.'

Ameenat Fagbenro, from Nigeria

BA (Hons) Accounting and business management

'There were limited numbers of students in classrooms at DMUIC, which allowed tutors to focus on individual student growth and assist students throughout the course. Apart from that, the faculty and DMUIC crew have been helpful and kind, providing us with wonderful experiences to cherish.'

Shaikh Amir Ali

BA (Hon) Business and Management

'When I was searching for universities, I found DMU. I saw excellent feedback given by graduates and all of that encouraged me to come and study here at DMUIC.'

Hasan Banafa, from Saudi Arabia

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

'For me, the best part of studying at DMUIC is the quality of its education. I have experienced a lot and learned a lot and I felt very well prepared when I started my Master's course. My teachers at DMUIC were really nice, very professional and patient. And the administrative staff were very helpful too.'

Yang Yang, from China

MSc International Business and Finance

'I chose to study at DMU because many people recommended it. The best part about studying at DMUIC are the very friendly staff. I am happy that I was a part of the DMUIC student group. I met lots of amazing tutors who taught me on my computing course.'

Valentin Valev, from Bulgaria

BSc (Hons) Computing

'I would highly recommend DMU, as my experience was great and they respect and help international students. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Manager of Marketing. Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to find a job easily. Furthermore, the university reputation is especially good for business and law. People in the United Arab Emirates appreciate studying abroad, because it is is more than a degree. The experience of living abroad and to be independent gives you priority.'

Fatma Al Bastaki, from United Arab Emirates

MSc Project Management

'In my personal opinion, DMU is a university with a great atmosphere, and provides a quiet and comfortable environment for students to study. Also, DMU has good student support which helps students to integrate much more easily into university life. The best part of studying at DMUIC are the teachers. They focus on every students' needs, teaching us with great patience and are always happy to help us.'

Yun Zhang, from China

BA (Hons) Business and Management

'Since I was young, I wanted to study footwear design because of the influence of my father. When I knew that DMU was famous for footwear design, I was sure that it would help me to realise my dream. DMUIC's method of education helps to expand the scope of one's thinking. The staff and teachers treated me very nicely and helped to orient myself to life at the college.'

Hee Young Choi, from Korea

BA (Hons) Footwear Design

'In my opinion, the best part about studying at DMUIC first is the interaction between the student and the teacher in small classes. This way they can really pay attention to students whenever necessary. What I enjoy most about DMUIC itself are the friendly staff and the guidance that we get every day. The relationship between a student and a teacher here is not very formal, as it sometimes can be in the Netherlands, and I prefer it this way. Nobody is afraid to ask anything or feel like they cannot approach their teacher. The administrative staff at DMUIC are very welcoming and kind to everybody studying here.' 

Corinne Bruggeman, from Netherlands

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences

'DMUIC has been the best place to start a new journey of my life. Like other international students, I struggled with a new culture, new people and a new place, but DMUIC supported me to get through all of this. Every student at DMUIC is an international student, so we have similar worries and interests in common. We help each other and share our experiences and knowledge together. Studying at DMUIC first helps us to avoid culture shock and struggling with the British education system.'

Duc Trung, Jeremy Dang, from Vietnam

BA (Hons) Business and Marketing

'I chose DMU because it has a good reputation. For me, the best part of my studies at DMUIC was doing all the presentations which made me feel confident about doing presentations in the future. Being a member of the Kuwaiti society at DMU is one of the best things about being at DMU as the university's Student Union gave us a chance to set up DMU's first-ever student society for kuwaiti students.'

Mohammad Alazmi, from Kuwait

BA (Hons) Accounting and Business Management

'The best part of studying at DMUIC was meeting other international students and being involved in DMU life, working as a Student Ambassador. Being able to improve my english and studying in the first year of my degree was the biggest opportunity and benefit to my life. The teachers and the staff at DMUIC are very kind. They help us not only with improving our language skills as english is not our first language but they also help us to understand our course modules and support us in improving ourselves. Studying at DMUIC is like your 'start button' to improving yourself and to reach success. At DMUIC, I have gained not only good study skills but I have also gained great help and had a great experience.'

Eleni Georgiou, from Cyprus

BA (Hons) Business and Management

'Studying at DMUIC is great. The best part of DMUIC is that it is situated in the centre of the DMU campus. DMUIC has well-equipped classrooms with all the latest technology. DMUIC is just 10 minutes walk from Leicester city centre. DMUIC has good and experienced teachers. The teachers are very helpful and they really understand students' strengths and weaknesses. The teachers are very friendly. I have had a great learning experience with the DMUIC teachers. They help us students in every way throughout the course. The DMU campus is huge. There are lots of things to do at DMU. My favorite part of DMU is the Student's Union and the student societies. DMU's Student Union is a nice place to make friends. Leicester city is great and there are a lot of nice places to visit in Leicester.'

Dipanjon Bhowmik, from India

MSc International Business and Finance