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Student Charter

This charter has been created and is maintained jointly by DMU staff and students. It sets out commitments from the university to students, from students to the university, and from the Students’ Union to students.

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, a group of students and staff set out the type of things they thought that they and the university should commit to. From teaching and learning, to support and university life, these ideas were refined into a single document.

That document was then updated and approved by the university's executive board, De Montfort Students' Union and the governing body, to create the DMU Student Charter.

The charter will be updated on a yearly basis, and is a guide to your responsibilities at DMU, and will help explain what the university should do for you.

If you want to get involved with the development of the student charter, please email us for more information.

Our commitments to you

Teaching and learning

  • Deliver teaching informed by world-class research
  • Use appropriate technology to support you
  • Offer varied assessment, giving you timely and constructive individual feedback


  • Provide you with a Personal Tutor
  • Develop your confidence and independence, helping you fulfil your potential
  • Offer extra-curricular activities to enhance your employability
  • Provide academic, professional and personal support when you need it

University life

  • Provide high quality resources and equipment for learning
  • Provide a safe, secure and well-maintained campus
  • Commit to environmental sustainability
  • Offer areas for you to study alone and in groups, plus chill-out, social and networking space, and sports facilities


  • Communicate with you clearly, effectively and in good time
  • Consult and listen to your views, and act on your feedback

Dignity and respect

  • Ensure we respect and celebrate cultural and international diversity in all our services
  • Deliver services accessibly and inclusively
  • Provide equality of opportunity for all of our staff and students
  • Treat students and staff with dignity and respect, both in person and online

DSU's commitments to you


  • Be your voice on campus and help you engage with the university
  • Provide a welcoming and open union environment
  • Provide networks for you to socialise, develop and try new thingswith like-minded people


  • Represent all students equally and ensure your interests have a voice
  • Hold democratic and representative elections
  • Represent and campaign on your behalf both locally and nationally
  • Work with the university to communicate, consult and feedback


  • Organise safe and affordable social activities in and out of the university
  • Offer clubs, societies, sports and other extra-curricular activities


  • Provide training and support for student enterprise, business and volunteering
  • Give you the chance to make a difference by running for student office
  • Empower you to reach your potential


  • Provide quality independent advice to everyone
  • Consult with you and present feedback to the university’s Executive Board
  • Contribute to improving the quality of the university

Your commitments as a student

Teaching and learning

  • Prepare in advance and plan your workload
  • Complete all your work to deadlines and learn from assessment and feedback
  • Share and discuss your ideas, participating in your learning and attending timetabled sessions


  • Engage with your Personal Tutor
  • In partnership with your tutors, take responsibility for developing university skills
  • Recognise and develop your employability
  • Keep the university informed of any changes in your personal situation via MyDMU

Take part in university life

  • Engage with De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)
  • Take part in academic and social activities across DMU and DSU
  • Engage with formal and informal feedback opportunities


  • Discover the services available to you and use them as needed
  • Be aware of the DMU guidelines and regulations

Dignity and respect

  • Develop professional standards of behaviour
  • Treat other students and staff with dignity and respect, both in person and online
  • Respect yourself, the university environment and the wider community