Freshers' Week: Low Sensory Hours

We want to make sure that all students have a positive experience at DMU. To ensure this, we're providing a low-sensory experience during a number of events during Welcome and Freshers’ Week. 


Low sensory events ensure guests who experience sensory overload or sensory sensitivity feel comfortable.   

During low sensory hours (also known as quiet hours), we’ll be reducing noise levels, adjusting any harsh lighting, providing quiet zones and doing all we can to make sure students can enjoy the great events on offer and feel comfortable.  

Low Sensory Hours: 

DMU Welcome Event 

Monday 26 September, 10am-4pm (10-11am quiet hour) 

The Friend Zone 

Monday 26 September, Session 1: 6pm start 

Freshers' Fair  

Tuesday 27 September, 10am-5pm (10-11am quiet hour) 

Opportunities Fair 

Wednesday 28 September, 10am-5pm (10-11am quiet hour) 

Posted on Monday 26 September 2022

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