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Cinema and Television History Research Centre


The Cinema and Television History (CATH) Centre has been extraordinarily successful in establishing a presence in its field (nationally and internationally), developing valuable and prestigious partnerships with academic and commercial organisations, mounting widely-appreciated events, attracting research students and productive associate research fellows, and providing staff with a focus for their research activities.

Impact has been high on the agenda, and we have disseminated our research to a wider audience via broadcasting, the newspaper and magazine press, on-line publication, social networking sites, commercial DVD notes, public talks and exhibitions, and the staging of open events with non-academic partners.

Key features

The RAE 2008 Panel judged 35% of the Centre's outputs as world-leading with 4 stars, and members currently hold two large project grants from the Art and Humanities Research Council.

Our work focuses on both Cinema and Television from the past and present, where our research includes contemporary policy, political economy and cultural and social impact grounded in the methodologies of historical research.

The Centre focuses on work on the British Media but also conducts high quality research in areas such as European Cinema and Hollywood History.


CATH can provide benefits to businesses in a number of areas:

  • Services from a centre with a substantial reputation, presence and world-leading outputs
  • Research for added value products, including DVD and Blu-ray releases with extras such as sleeve notes, featurettes and image galleries
  • Expert commentary and analysis for broadcasting organisations and the press
  • Contribution to the developing directions in film studies and media history
  • Research that is relevant to policy concerns
  • Liaison with a state-of-the-art media exhibition venue at Phoenix Square, Leicester
  • Network of Associate Research Fellows working in film, production, cinema programming, publishing, acting and schools

Our experts

Professor Steve Chibnall (Director of the CATH Centre, Professor of British Cinema) - British Cinema History

Monia Acciari (Early Career Academic Fellow in Film Studies)

Dr Vicky Ball (VC's 2020 Senior Lecturer in Cinema and Television Histories) - Women's film and television history, television drama.

Dr Alissa Clarke (Senior Lecturer in Drama) - Drama Performance, Classic Hollywood

Dr Pier-Lugi Ercole (VC's 2020 Lecturer in Cinema and Television Histories) - Silent and European Cinema

Mr Stuart Hanson (Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications) - History and Policy of film exhibition in Britain, Television drama, Hollywood

Dr Matthew Jones (VC's 2020 Lecturer in Cinema and Television Histories) - Film and Television audiences, genre and cult film and television

Dr Victoria Knight (Senior Research Fellow in Community and Criminal Justice) - Television in state institutions

Dr Claire Monk (Reader in Film and Film Culture) - British Cinema History, World Cinema and Audiences

Dr Elinor Parsons (Senior Lecturer in Drama) - Shakespeare on screen, adaptation

Ms Laraine Porter (Senior Lecturer in Film Studies) - Silent Cinema, film exhibition and history

Dr James Russell (Subject Group Leader for Media, Film and Journalism) - American cinema history and Specialist audiences

Dr Paul Smith (Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications) - Broadcasting policy, sport and television.

Dr Ellen Wright (VC2020 Lecturer in Cinema and Television History) Cult Film and Material Cultures


Phoenix Square in Leicester is a state-of-the-art digital media centre which showcases the Centre's work and is an important interface with the wider community. The Centre also has established partnerships with a DVD releasing company, a marketing company which specialises in linking brands with cinema, and The Cinema Museum in London which offers a venue for events in the capital.

Professional fees and charges

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our relevant pricing structures.

Who we have worked with

CATH has developed many influential partnerships for our research, including:

  • British Film Institute
  • BBC
  • The Guardian
  • The Cinema Museum
  • British Museum and Natural History Museum
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Stirling
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Warwick
  • University College London
  • The Barbican
  • Phoneix Square
  • Studio Canal
  • Odeon Entertainment
  • Hammer and Exclusive Media
  • elevenfiftyfive marketing
  • Volkswagen
  • Union BECTU
  • Steve Chibnall Archive

Information regarding our current projects and partnerships.

Contact us

Nadia Omar

Business Development Manager

De Montfort University
Faculty of Technology
Gateway House 4.75
The Gateway

T: +44(0) 116 207 8624


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