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Alternative Operating Systems Forensics (CPD course)


This course will provide you with the knowledge to understand the forensic processes required to acquire and examine images for Linux and MacOS operating systems as well as common mobile feature and smart phones.

Structure and content

In this course, you will:

  • Gain hands on experience in mobile phone forensic acquisition and examination.
  • Understand how to take and handle forensic images of devices which are used in non-Windows operating systems.
  • Understand how to maintain forensic integrity regardless of operating environment.

Who the course is for

This CPD course is designed for people employed in roles which require skills in forensic analysis; systems and network administrators; forensic/network investigators; law enforcement officers and agents; IT security officers or anyone seeking to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of cyber security.



All of our CPD courses are taught in 4 day block mode meaning that you can complete your chosen course in one convenient commitment.


Through our partnership with our Industrial Advisory Group consisting of Airbus, BT, Deloitte UK and Rolls Royce, we can ensure the relevance of our courses to real organisational needs.

High Quality

All of our CPD courses are taught by leading experts from our research centres in our dedicated high-end labs.


By completing an academic top-up, our CPD courses can be used as credits towards our Cyber Technology MSc.

Our experts

This CPD course is delivered by our experts from the Cyber Technology Institute (CTI). 

The Institute provides outstanding training and high quality research and consultancy services in the fields of cyber security, software engineering and digital forensics.

Bringing together the experience and expertise of the following  research centres:

  • The Cyber Security Centre (CSC)
  • The Software Technology Research Laboratory (STRL)
  • The Context Intelligence and Interaction Research Group (CIIRG)
  • Mobile Cognitive Systems (MCS) Research Group

With the support and endorsement of an Industrial Advisory Group which includes: Airbus, BT, Deloitte and Rolls-Royce; the Cyber Technology Institute is able to ensure that its courses are relevant to, and up-to-date with, the current cyber security challenges faced by industry; thus ensuring that its students and graduates have the core skills to meet these challenges within their employers’ organisations.

The Cyber Technology Institute is also proud to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence in SCADA cyber security and forensics by Airbus Group.

Furthermore, the Cyber Technology Institute works with industrial and public sector partners to deliver premium business products and consultancy services to solve real-world problems in relation to cyber threats and information security responsibilities.

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