DMU Global traveller Momo wants to show young gang members back home 'there is a better way'

When Momo Bondo was growing up, many people he knew were involved in gangs. It went with the territory around an estate full of disadvantaged kids.

But Momo, who studies Criminology and Psychology at De Montfort University Leicester, wanted a better life for him and to show other young people there was a better life for them too.


MOMO BONDO to Canada (002)

So, he is now preparing to travel to Canada with DMU Global and spend his 3rd year learning about the country’s criminal justice system at the University of Winnipeg, in the state of Manitoba.

It’s another opportunity for him to look into reasons why young people ‘get into bad stuff’ and find a solution.

“I want to bring that knowledge back to the UK and, with my degree at DMU, help kids and let them know there are opportunities out there that could save them from the path they are on,” Momo says.

“That is why I am studying criminology and psychology. I want to be able to offer explanations as to why they should not be doing what they are doing but also show them a way out.”

Momo’s inspiration comes from the best friend he grew up with in his town, who tragically passed away in a road traffic accident when Momo was just 15.

“He was like a brother to me,’ Momo recalls. ‘But he was involved in gangs.

“Before he passed away, he was in a lot of trouble. Nobody else was there to help him. But I was trying to get him into work and put him in a good place.

“He attended school and went to the job interviews that I got him to apply for and he was really trying to turn his life around. I want to do the same with other young people.

“Kids living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods see other people doing stuff related to gangs and they do it too.

“I want to present them with other opportunities and get them to grasp them and do good things for them and their community.

“If you do not grasp opportunities that come your way, how will you ever know what you can achieve. You need to try new things and take risks.”

Momo found his solace in football. He was a good player and his school team was chosen to represent England in a tournament in Northern Ireland. At the same time his teachers told him he was bright and could go places.

He said: “I never thought I would go to university. I never thought I would go on an exchange to Canada for a year. But I want kids to realise they can achieve so much more if they take advantage of opportunities. It is not going to hurt if you try.”

Momo says the trip to Canada is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ that he couldn’t allow to pass him by.

“I am heading for a whole new continent and I’m going to be by myself. I realise that. It will almost be like a test of survival,” he laughs.

“I learned about DMU Global through their team member Aamena Meidel, who gave a presentation at the end of one of our lectures and explained how we can study abroad for a year.

“I immediately thought ‘this looks great. This looks like a good opportunity – a once in a lifetime opportunity’.

“I’ve done some research and Canada has a great education system, they speak French and I speak French too which means communication with any French Canadians will not be a problem.

“In fact, I have never seen or heard anything bad about Canada. I see it as a new start in my life as a student, plus all my friends tend to have been to the US but not Canada.

“I have no idea what to expect, but there are so many places that I am planning to visit while I am in Canada – Vancouver, Down Town Toronto, Montreal, which is French speaking, and the Niagara Falls.

“I am buzzing about the trip, although I have to admit I am quite nervous”

Momo and his sister are the first people in their family to have gone to university.

He said: “My mum is worried about me moving so far away but I know she is happy and proud to see how far I have come as a student.

“I love to go out and do things for myself, test myself, put myself in uncomfortable situations. I always seem to be more comfortable doing something uncomfortable, if you see what I mean. It’s my go to motto. I like to push myself.”

The DMU Global team helped Momo with all of his paperwork to clear the way to the Canada trip.

“The DMU Global set up is really good,” Momo says. “The team helped with health and safety issues, contracts and so on allowing me more time to put in the research about where I was going.

“I hope a lot of people see this as an opportunity they can take too, and look at what DMU Global has to offer.”

Most full-time, undergraduate degree students at DMU can choose to study at a range of universities globally for a full academic year.

Students are invited to apply for this opportunity in their second year of undergraduate study to spend a sandwich year abroad. All selected students receive comprehensive support prior to, during and upon return from their exchange.

Students also receive financial support from the UK Government Turing Scheme. For academic year 2023-24 we have students from all four faculties on various degree programmes spending a year in a range of exciting destinations including South Korea, Japan, Finland, Germany and more.

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Posted on Wednesday 30 August 2023

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