Undergraduate courses at De Montfort University

Put together with continual input from leading employers, DMU’s undergraduate courses are designed with employability in mind and provide the professional skills and practical experience businesses are looking for.

DMU Courses
Course/programmeAwardStudy options
Finance and Investment BSc (Hons)BSc (Hons)Full-time
Fine Art BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time,Part-time
Footwear Design BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time,Part-time
Forensic Science BSc (Hons)BSc (Hons)Full-time
Game Art BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time
Games Production BSc (Hons)BSc (Hons)Full-time
Global Arts Management (Level 6 Top Up) BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time
Graphic Design (Illustration) BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time
Graphic Design BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time
Health and Wellbeing in Society BSc (Hons)BSc (Hons)Full-time
Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc (Hons)BSc (Hons)Full-time
Hearing Aid Audiology FdScFoundation Degree (FdSc)Full-time
Heritage Interior Design BA (Hons) Online (Apply direct with National Design Academy)BA (Hons)Distance Learning,Part-time
Heritage Interior Design BA (Hons) Top-Up Online (Apply direct with National Design Academy)BA (Hons)Distance Learning,Part-time
History BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time,Part-time
History with Mandarin BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time,Part-time
History, Politics and International Relations BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time,Part-time
Human Resource Management BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time
Independent/Supplementary Prescribing (V300) Programme- Undergraduate (level 6)BScFull-time
Interior Design BA (Hons)BA (Hons)Full-time,Part-time
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