Full listing of DMU academic staff

DMU Who's Who
Earl, Joanne (Miss)School of Fashion and TextilesN/A
Easat-Daas, Amina (Dr)School of Humanities and Performing Arts0116 257 7423
East, Alan (Mr)Leicester De Montfort Law School0116 257 7756
Ebirim, Onyinyechi Amarachi (Mrs)School of Accounting, Finance and Economics0116 207 8723
Ebrahim, Nada (Ms)School of DesignN/A
Eden-Barnard, Julie (Ms)School of Applied Social Sciences0116 250 6114
Edmonds, Ernest (Professor)Leicester Media School+44 0116 255 1551
Edwards, Elizabeth (Professor)School of Humanitiesn/a
Effiyanti, Sri Martani (Dr)School of Leadership, Management and MarketingN/A
Egan, Gabriel (Professor)School of Humanities+44 (0)116 257 7158
Egbetokun, Abiodun (Dr)Leicester Castle Business SchoolN/A
Elbasir, Mahmoud Hassan (Dr)School of Computer Science and Informatics0116 250 6374
Eldanaf, Taher (Mr)School of DesignN/A
Elizondo, David (Professor)School of Computer Science and Informatics+44 (0)116 207 8471
Ellam, Louis (Dr)Leicester Castle Business SchoolExt 4285
Elmanaseer, Mohannad (Dr)Leicester Castle Business School+44 (0) 116 2013958
Elqayam, Shira (Professor)School of Applied Social Sciences+44 (0)116 257 7850
Elsawy, Mohamed (Dr)Leicester School of PharmacyN/A
Elsey, Christopher (Dr)School of Allied Health Sciences+44 (0)116 207 8812
Emambocus, Washad (Dr)Leicester Castle Business School0116 207 8542
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