Practical Selection Day

Why should I attend a Practical Selection Day?

We ask you to attend a Practical Selection Day to give us an idea of your skills and to help you confirm that this is the right course for you. This is an opportunity for you to meet us in person, get an understanding of the course, meet the academic who will be teaching you and ask any questions you may have. It’s also an opportunity for us to get a feel for your personality and individuality as a performer. Most importantly, gives you the chance to meet current and future students and could result in a reduced offer. You will also experience our facilities first-hand, and join a campus and accommodation tour.

Practical Selection Day schedule

The timings for each course practical selection day may differ, therefore, please select your chosen course below where you will see the timings and schedule to prepare for the day. Please remember to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

How can we support you?

Many of you will have already carefully considered what you would like to include in your group or individual performance. We recommend asking yourself if your performance demonstrates the full range of your skills and if your approach is personable. We’re not expecting perfection, but we are looking for potential. We want to see your enthusiasm and excitement for your subject so make sure that your performance shows your interest in the subject you’ve applied for.

To ensure you are prepared for the Practical Selection Day please select your chosen course below which has further advice to help you prepare.


MS Teams review

We aim to make all of our events completely accessible. If you are unable to attend a Practical Selection Day you will be invited to an MS Teams review and depending on the course you are interested in you may be asked to share your digital audition video. Please contact the Applicant Events Team who will be happy to help.

  1. Audition video advice

    Make sure your work showcases your performance skills, as well as your potential to learn and develop in your chosen subject area, as we appreciate students come from a variety of backgrounds.

    What we want to see:

    • We are looking for a two to five-minute video.
    • Start with a short personal introduction of yourself to the camera and tell us about your performance skills and interest in your chosen course.
    • Provide a brief insight into your understanding of the methods and styles of performance you have learnt and show your enthusiasm and experience for your chosen performance subject.
    • Our performance courses focus on contemporary practice and have specific features, so research each course carefully before making your video.
    • Include a performance piece which demonstrates your skills. This could be a solo dance, monologue or group performance for example. If you submit a group performance extract, please make it clear who you are.

    What can you do to prepare?

    • Make sure your video represents you. It should showcase your interests, skills, creativity and passion for your chosen performance subject.
    • There is no right or wrong way to present your work, just make sure it’s clear what you are trying to communicate.
    • Follow the advice above for your chosen course


    • Ensure that you can be clearly seen, but do not worry about the filming location or your editing abilities as you will not be judged on this.
    • Please use .mp4, .MOV or .AVI format
    • Compress or zip your file so that it does not exceed 1GB in size.
    • The name of your file should be your name, student reference number and the title of the course you have applied for.
    • Submit your file via


    If you have any questions about your audition video, please contact our Applicant Events Team who will be happy to help you.