Bede Hall

On the edge of campus and close to a range of amenities, Bede Hall is owned and managed by DMU.

It consists of seven, eight, nine and 10-bedroom flats, each with a shared bathroom (two toilets and two showers per flat). Wheelchair-accessible flats with larger bedrooms and adapted kitchens. Allocated car parking spaces for students with a disability are also available.

Bede Hall bedroom
A standard bedroom at Bede Hall

Communal areas, including toilets and showers are cleaned and you have access to coinless laundry facilities (£2 per wash, £1.50 per dry).

TV points are available in kitchens, but bedrooms require an indoor aerial. Broadband connection is provided by Ask4 (upgrades to the basic package are available).

Each bedroom, which is carpeted and has window blinds, consists of:

  • Single bed with under-bed storage
  • Vanity unit with cupboards above
  • Wash basin with a shaver point, towel rail and mirror
  • Wardrobe and coat hook
  • Desk with shelves, a notice board, a desk lamp and bin
  • Desk chair and a bench

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Bede Hall shared kitchen
A shared kitchen area at Bede Hall

Contract lengths

Standard contract, 38 weeks and one day (20 September 2019 to 14 June 2020)

Nursing, 47 weeks and one day (20September 2019 to 15 August 2020)

Midwifery, 46 weeks and one day (20 September 2019 to 8 August 2020)

Paramedicine, 48 weeks and one day (20 September 2019 to 22 August 2020)

Art Foundation, 38 weeks and six days (25 August 2019 to 23 May 2020)

Rent and costs 2019/20

Rent: £99 per week (includes utility bills, broadband and contents insurance) 

  • Standard total is £3,776.14 
  • Nursing total is £4,667.14
  • Midwifery total is £4,568.14
  • Paramedicine total is £4,766.14
  • Art Foundation total is £3,846.86

No guarantor required.

Rent instalments 2019/2020

Option one: one instalment

There is a five per cent discount if the full contract fee is paid by 21 October 2019 


Option two:

Three Instalments
  21/10/2019   21/01/2020   25/04/2020  
Standard  £1,258.71 £1,258.71  £1,258.72
Nursing £1,555.71  £1,555.71  £1,555.72 
Midwifery £1,522.71  £1,522.71  £1,522.72 
Paramedicine  £1,588.71  £1,588.71  £1,588.72 
Art Foundation £1,282.28 £1,282.28 £1,282.30


Option three:

Four Instalments
  02/11/2019  02/12/2019   02/01/2020   02/02/2020  
Standard  £944.03 £944.03 £944.03 £944.05
Nursing £1,166.78 £1,166.78 £1,166.78 £1,166.80
Midwifery £1,142.03 £1,142.03 £1,142.03 £1,142.05
Paramedicine  £1,191.53 £1,191.53 £1,191.53 £1,191.55
Art Foundation £961.71 £961.71 £961.71 £961.73


As Bede Hall is DMU-managed, payment terms are more flexible. You will be able to use your student loan to pay for the rent, as the instalments are due after you receive your loan. There are no payment surcharges. We operate an online payment system.Payments can also be made by cash, cheque, credit or debit card, banker’s draft and bank transfer. 

Bede Hall address

Bede Hall 
51 Western Boulevard 
Leicester, LE2 7EQ

T: +44 (0)116 250 6593


Sample Tenancy Documents


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