Guaranteed accommodation

DMU is offering guaranteed accommodation for UK first-year undergraduate students looking to start in the 2023/24 academic year.

Accepting an offer on or after 17 August

To be eligible, you must have added DMU as your Clearing choice on your UCAS Hub. Once you have made DMU your choice of institution, we will email you details on how to book your room. Accommodation bookings need to then be made by the deadline specified in your offer letter, after which the guarantee offer will expire if a booking hasn’t been made by you.

If you miss the accommodation booking deadlines, don’t worry - our accommodation team will still make every effort to help you secure somewhere to live.

You can view rooms that are available on the DMU booking system on our halls page. If you decide to book a room directly through DMU, you can select your specific room as part of our personalised booking system. If there are no rooms on the DMU booking system which meet your requirements, you will be able to see additional rooms and/or select a preference.

Our Accommodation Team are here to support you in the process of applying for a room, and you can get in touch with us at


There are also plenty of options for international students to secure accommodation, find out more on our international accommodation page.



Terms and conditions for UK students

  • Guaranteed accommodation is available to UK first-year undergraduate students who receive a course offer through clearing (17 August 2023 onwards) and intend to start in the 2023/24 academic year. 
  • You must accept your course offer and book your Accommodation by the deadlines specified in your offer letter. Your guaranteed accommodation offer will lapse after either of these deadlines. 
  • Eligible students booking a room directly through DMU need to have made the booking payment within 24 hours of reserving the room, and confirm the room within 7 days thereafter. 
  • If there are no rooms on the DMU booking system which meet your requirements, you will be able to see additional rooms and/or select a preference
  • For a room with a private provider, you may need to book directly with that provider under the guidance and support of our Accommodation Team. Bookings with a private provider are subject to that provider's terms and conditions. 
  • Rooms will be recommended on the basis of the preferences that you make on our booking system. Recommended rooms could be from both DMU-owned accommodation, or through private providers sourced by DMU, therefore we are unable to guarantee room types, price points, locations or specific halls.  
  • DMU reserves the right to withdraw the offer of guaranteed accommodation at any time. 

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