Working with the creative industries

Leicester Media School (LMS) works in partnership with industry and trade bodies on a range of activities, from research to teaching. These include consultancy, collaborating on joint projects and funding bids, providing training, and developing teaching provision. Some very recent examples include:

  • Channel Four News, with whom we deliver our MA in Investigative Journalism.
  • Bauer Media, with whom we deliver our Senior Leader MA/Apprenticeship.
  • Raindance Film Festival, with whom we validate the MA in Film by Independent Study.
  • We also house a number of film archives as a result of our partnership with Hammer Studios and the estate of filmmaker Peter Whitehead amongst others.
  • We work with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) on the Audiences of the Future research project.
  • Undergraduate Film Studies teaching is delivered in partnership with the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester.

The LMS is home to a large staff with interest and expertise in areas including archival film research, media analysis, graphic design, journalism, music, film/radio/TV production, animation, games and emerging technologies. We welcome the opportunity to develop further partnerships, and you can contact us to explore opportunities using the form below.

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