About Leicester Castle Business School

Leicester Castle Business School at De Montfort University (DMU) provides a unique and diverse learning experience to prepare you to meet the challenges of business and society in the 21st century. We go beyond business as usual by encouraging our students to challenge convention and providing you opportunities and tools to think, create and inspire.

Our students achieve great successes, with more than 97% of our undergraduates going on to work or further study after graduation.

You will have outstanding support to define and refine a learning and career pathway that is right for you. We give you opportunities to stretch yourself, to learn, to practice and to prepare for a career in a global and vibrant world of business and public policy.

Beyond business as usual also means critically evaluating the purpose of business in the world today. At Leicester Castle Business School, you will debate the very meaning of good business and managerial practices. We challenge our students to create solutions to complex problems and to find opportunity in the most unusual places.

Reasons to study at Leicester Castle Business School

Mission, vision and values

Our Mission:

  • To transform lives in our global community of students, staff and partners through outstanding education and research
  • To go beyond business as usual by fostering creative, distinctive and pioneering solutions to real-world problems
  • To promote the public good through critical analysis of the purpose of business and through active engagement in initiatives aimed at tackling business, social and community challenges

Our Vision:

Through our unsurpassed commitment to the public good and transformational scholarship, we will position ourselves as the definition of a 21st century global business school.

Our Values:

Leadership: Confidence and courage to shape a better future

Integrity: Taking personal pride in our work

Creativity: Thinking beyond the usual and embracing ideas

Global mindedness: Finding opportunities in our diversity

Community: Realising the purpose and power of business

At a glance


  • 7,600 students, including over 6,300 undergraduate, over 1,200 postgraduate taught, and more than 70 postgraduate research
  • 80% BAME, with 90% in full-time study, and 40% female
  • Over 100 Nationalities


  • Over 260 academic staff, with over 100 new hires in the past two years
  • Over 20% International staff, with 30% BAME, and over 50% female 
  • We have staff from over 40 different nationalities from across five continents

Our facilities

Leicester Castle Business School sits at the heart of DMU’s beautiful city centre campus. Our facilities accommodate a range of learning approaches, from lectures to seminars, interactive learning and a variety of spaces for group work and self-study.

We are fortunate to be one of the few business schools in the United Kingdom to have a Trading Floor, used within the curriculum and as a resource for all students interested to develop skills in finance and investing.


Studying at LCBS

At LCBS, we believe that having confidence, finding your own voice and developing your communication, presentation and networking abilities are essential for your success. As part of your course at Leicester Castle Business School, we place a strong focus on learning, enhancing and practising these skills.

During your studies you will focus on developing personal, interpersonal, cognitive and technical skills. Underpinning these personal and professional skills are five important core values; leadership, creativity, community, integrity and global-mindedness.

We will encourage and support you to think about these values, what they mean to you and how you interpret and incorporate them in to your professional life.

Many of these skills are interrelated and as you develop skills in one area you will be enhancing and building on skills in another.

Opportunities to learn, develop and practice personal and professional development skills are built into the curriculum as well as offered as extracurricular lectures, workshops and seminars.

These include opportunities to participate in one of our #DMUglobal trips, engage with the community through DMU Local, prepare and present a business plan in Fox’s Lair or one of our many university enterprise competitions.

We also offer students many opportunities to meet with companies, organisations and leaders in their professions. For example, the Visionary Leadership series brings in CEO level leaders from a range of organisations to speak with students directly about careers and the personal characteristics of great leaders.