Online resources

For your Post-16 students, thinking about their future can be a daunting task. To help you support your students in their decision-making process and to give them all the information they might need when researching university, we have put together a range of worksheets, videos and resources you can offer them to support them through their next steps.

Why university?

Going to university is a great way for students to develop their employability skills and become work-ready, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. We've created a student toolkit to help them decide, and will provide you with material to aid this, too.

With over 50,000 different courses available at higher education and more than 395 different institutions across the UK, the options can  feel overwhelming for students. Starting their research early can help them to really consider their options so that they make the right choice.

  1. Why higher education?

    Please see our handy infographic which breaks down the key reasons as to why students choose to go to university.
  2. Applying to university

    Check out our mini guide on applying to university, helping you to decide which course and university to choose, demystify the application process, how to write approach your personal statements and more.
  3. Personal statements

  4. Student finance

    Don't blow the budget! Use our budget planner and see the running total of your student living costs.
  5. University research

    Struggling to decide on your university course choice? Then look no further, use our handy quiz to help you piece together your requirements from a university.