Short course: 3D for Film & TV

Leading the way forward in 3D imaging

De Montfort University is pleased to offer a programme of short courses in 3D imaging tailored for the film and television industry imaging specialists and those with a specific interest in the field. The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge to successfully enter the growing 3D industry.

Course Description
The course conveys a concrete understanding of basic principles and pitfalls that should be considered for 3D capture and display. In addition to traditional lecture sessions, there are "workshop" sessions both at De Montfort University and Pinewood Studios to demonstrate stereoscopic hardware and 3D imaging/display principles. The course includes valuable hands on time with up to date 3D cameras and display systems.


  • To equip participants to enter the growing 3D industry.
  • To build participants understanding of the processes behind stereoscopy and stereopsis in order to assist their professional practice.
  • To increase the participants understanding of the technical challenges of using stereography.
  • To provide camera and post production professionals with a hands on practical course using up to date 3D equipment.
  • To provide participants with an understanding of real life 3D workflows and the issues arising from using stereography in it’s contemporary format.
  • To enable participants to develop ideas around creative expression through 3D.


De Montfort University is building a unique hub of technical 3D expertise. The university can offer access to technology, worldwide networking and up to date research. A close partnership with leading  camera producers PANASONIC ensures that participants can use state-of-the-art equipment. The Imaging and Displays Resarch Group is a world leading developer of 3D display technology and holography which leads the expertise in stereography.

De Montfort University offers high standard facilities in central Leicester.

The course fee is £1,430

Please contact the group for more information.