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Partnerships, Funding and Projects

MUTED (Multi-User 3D Television Display) was funded by the European 6th Framework with a total cost of €4.45 million and 30 person years of effort. The project was led by DMU with project participants Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Technical University of Eindhoven, University of West Bohemia and Light Blue Optics.

3DTV ‘Network of Excellence’ funded by the European 6th Framework whose aim was to integrate the foremost expertise from across Europe in the subject area. The project had 20 partners and a total budget of over €6 million over the duration of four years.

COGAIN (Communication by Gaze Interaction) ‘Network of Excellence’ project funded by the European 6th Framework with a total value of €3 million and involving 27 partners from across Europe. The network aims to gather Europe’s leading expertise in eye tracking integration with computers to develop new technologies and systems, improve existing gaze-based interaction techniques.

ATTEST (Advanced Three-dimensional Television System Technologies) project funded by the European 5th Framework with a total value of €6 million and involving seven partners from across Europe. The objective of the project was to develop an entire 3DTV broadcast chain. 

HELIUM3D (High Efficiency Laser-Based Multi-User Multi-Modal 3D Display) the project, led by DMU, has a total value of €4.215 million and is supported by funding from the European Commission’s Framework 7 Programme. We are developing a revolutionary interactive 3DTV system which could change the way television is watched and computer games are played. 

Key Collaborations


  • TU Eindhoven (Netherlands)
  • KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • KoC University (Turkey)
  • University College, London
  • Nanjing University (China)


  • Philips Consumer Electronics
  • Sharp Laboratories of Europe
  • Biotronics 3D
  • Light Blue Optics
  • Fraunhofer HHI
  • Microsharp
  • Barco 


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