Funding, projects and partnerships

CESAS has been very successful in receiving funding to carry out research, below is a list of projects which have received UK and European funding.

Funding Agency : EPSRC Grant (EP/J005592/1), (2011-2013)
Summary: The output of this project will create a roadmap for scientists and engineers by identifying the existing challenges and gaps in science and technology that prevent one utility product from supplying all the services.
Partners: De Montfort University, University of Leicester, Northampton City Council
Status: Ongoing
Collaborative research project: Affinity Water
Summary: CESAS has collaborated with Veolia Water on the development and testing of active burst-detection methodologies. This collaboration has already delivered a methodology to Veolia, which has proven 100% successful in locating leaks with a total of 20 pipe bursts detected thus far (according to Veolia statement).
Status: Ongoing
Funding Agency: DTI Grant (TP/3/DSM/6/1/15123)
Summary: The proposed research addresses the principal barriers to the development of the MBR technology, as it attempts to optimize the use of ceramic tubular, immersed hollow fibre, and flat plate membrane modules and improve filtration performance. In essence the proposed research will investigate the phenomenon of membrane fouling in an in-depth fashion and determine the extent and type of fouling agents formed in side stream and immersed MBRs, i.e. concentration of EPS. Consequently the impact of various operational and design parameters, such as retention times, organic loading rates, and temperature on
membrane performance will be explored.
Partners: Aquabio, Sanitaire, Northern Ireland Water
Status: Ongoing
Funding Agency: EPSRC Strategic Partnership Grant (EP/E003192/1), (2007-2010)
Summary: To develop a novel approach and practical tools for pressure management in order to improve customer service, efficiency and sustainability of water distribution systems and to test innovative technology in which pressure management will be linked with energy consumption and leakage reduction.
Industrial Collaborators: Yorkshire Water Services (YWS), ABB Ltd and United Utilities (UU)
Status: Ongoing
Summary: The work is focused on low cost solar powered crop dryer design aimed at developing countries for the drying of food crop. International collaboration with academic colleagues in Kumasi Polytechnic and also with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has been on-going for many years which have led to many co-authored Journal publications. 
Research Partners: Kumasi Polytechnic and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Status: Ongoing
Summary: SUPRA – Simulation of UPset Recovery in Aviation – is a collaborative research project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, under the 2nd Transport and Aeronautics Call. Within SUPRA nine established research organisations and SME’s from six different countries (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, and Russia) collectively aim to enhance flight simulators beyond their current capabilities to allow for effective upset recovery training.
Research Partners: TNO, The National Aerospace Laboratory, Boeing, CSTS Dinamika, AMST,
Status: 2009 - 2012
Summary: CSIR-NAL and De Montfort University signed a memorandum of understanding on April, 2010 to promote collaborative research in the area of nonlinear flight dynamics and control, which was recently extended till April, 2015. Two research projects were successfully completed in February 2012 and the third phase is in progress now.
Research Partners: National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL)
Status: 2010 - 2014
Summary: This work was conducted in collaboration with the Canadian company Advanced Measurement and Analysis Group Inc. (AMAG) to create a mathematical model of cross correlation flow measurement.
Research Partners: Advanced Measurement & Analysis Group, Inc
Status: 2009 - 2013