Centre for Engineering Science and Advanced Systems (CESAS) uses the state-of-the-art facilities including: general mechanical laboratory, purpose built engine test cell, specialised water sustainability laboratory and have access to high performance computing facilities. 

Mechanical laboratory apart from general workshop facilities is equipped with an advanced CNC machine and thermodynamics experimental rigs to provide support for ongoing projects.

The engine cell test is equipped with computerised data acquisition system and supports research in combustion of different types of fuels including bio fuels.

Water Sustainability Laboratory contains a bespoke multi-configurable pilot plant containing storage and equalisation tanks, settling tanks, a continuous flow activated sludge tank and a sequencing batch reactor. The pilot plant is equipped with various on-line probes, actuated valves and variable speed pumps. All equipment in the pilot plant is connected to a high performance data acquisition and control system dSpace.

The access to high performance computational clusters and licensed commercial software packages in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), structural dynamics (FEA) and system analysis and control (MathWorks Matlab/Simulink) facilitates numerically intensive engineering applications.