Artificial Pancreas

Artificial Pancreas

Diabetes and the difficulties of medication


What we do

Our lab is dedicated to developing an artificial pancreas. This is an insulin dispensing device that responds to the body to deliver variable doses as an intelligent response to the blood glucose. Instead of two to four injections into the skin at intervals throughout the day, this is a continuous supply, but one that adapts to the changing blood levels and should give better outcomes as a result. The intention is that it will be totally implantable and nothing would therefore be visible from the outside.

It is not ready yet for human trials but already we know it works quite well so right now, we are looking to develop it as soon as possible. We are actively searching for an industrial partner to do this and are also looking for ways to raise the funding needed.

We have valued public opinion and have used surveys and focus groups to find out what diabetic people have to say, in addition to the technical aspects of our work.

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Joan Taylor
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