Local Governance Research Centre members

Professor Steven Griggs, Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Local Governance Research Centre

De Montfort University
Hugh Aston, Room 6.105
The Gateway
Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 257 7786
E: sgriggs@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Arianna Giovannini, VC2020 Senior Lecturer in Local Politics and Deputy Director of the Local Governance Research Centre

De Montfort University
Hugh Aston, Room 6.75
The Gateway
Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 257 7093
E: arianna.giovannini@dmu.ac.uk

Professor Rob Baggott, Professor of Health Policy

T: +44 (0)116 257 7789
E: rbaggott@dmu.ac.uk

Professor Jonathan Davies, Professor of Critical Policy Studies

T: +44 (0)116 257 7818
E: jsdavies@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Mercè Cortina-Oriol, VC2020 Lecturer in Public Policy and Urban Politics

T: +44 (0)116 207 8223
E: merce.cortina-oriol@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Rachel Granger, Reader in Creative Industries Management

T: +44 (0)116 250 6193
E: rachel.granger@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Valeria Guarneros-Meza, Reader in Public Policy and Politics

T: +44 (0)116 257 7038
E: valeria.guarneros@dmu.ac.uk

Alistair Jones, Associate Professor and University Teaching Fellow

T: +44 (0)116 207 8787
E: anjones@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Kathryn Jones, Senior Research Fellow

T: +44 (0)116 207 8749
E: kljones@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Steven Parker, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Project Management

T: +44 (0)116 201 3984
E: steven.parker@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Zoe Pflaeger Young, Lecturer in International Relations

T: +44 (0)116 207 8222
E: zoe.pflaeger@dmu.ac.uk

Professor Jo Richardson, Professor of Housing and Social Research

T: +44 (0)116 207 8859
E: jrichardson@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Mark Roberts, Lecturer and Research Fellow

T: +44 (0)116 257 7260
E: m.roberts@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Jonathan Rose, VC2020 Senior Lecturer in Politics and Research Methodology

T: +44 (0)116 257 7772
E: jonathan.rose@dmu.ac.uk

Dr Adrian Bua, Early Career Fellow

T: +44 (0)116 257 7818
E:  adrian.bua@dmu.ac.uk

Associated research members

Professor Colin Copus, Emeritus Professor in Local Politics

E: ccopus@dmu.ac.uk

Professor Steven Leach, Emeritus Professor of Local Government

E: snleach@dmu.ac.uk

Honorary fellows

Mark Sandford, Senior Research Analysist, House of Commons Library

PhD students

Ahmad Al-Hiari

Cllr Tim Cheetham

Janie Codona

Jennifer Garcia Carrizo

Sam Margrave

Laura Parsons

Trevor Pask

David Simmonds

Rachel Wall

Laura Wilkes

Lynn Wyeth

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