Prisons and Probation Research Hub

The Prisons and Probation Research Hub is a lively and active research community dedicated to correctional research. We undertake excellent research in the field of prisons and probation and have a robust track record of world leading research and scholarship. Our research is impactful and directly addresses the needs of stakeholders in prison and probation settings.

Our aim is to develop new ways of thinking about the complexity of containment and corrections through the integration of a range of disciplines, approaches and methods. Our shared vision is to be:

An applied and policy-focused research hub, which aims to inform public debate to reduce criminalisation and society’s dependence on imprisonment and punishment.

Our active research team has extensive experience researching prison and probation settings.  Our expertise is diverse and rich. For example we have established bodies of work in:

  • Risk and public protection
  • Punishment
  • Prison education
  • Digitization of prisons led by Dr Victoria Knight
  • Women and families in prison settings
  • Sexual and domestic violence

We work closely with the end users of our research and believe that the meaningful policy and practice initiatives are based on quality research with robust theoretical foundations. The Hub has links with a number of other academic research groups and correctional affiliations, both nationally and internationally. We welcome invitations and opportunities for new collaborations and initiatives. We also welcome applications for postgraduate studies on our doctoral programme that aligns to our prisons and probation research.

We also have an established partnership with DMU Local that works closely with our prisons in Leicestershire.

As part of our activities we:

  • Host a seminar series 
  • Welcome visiting scholars

Regular meetings are held to discuss scholarly contributions to the field and to assist members with publication projects. 

For further information, or if you wish to be put on our mailing list so that you can be advised of future events, please contact Dr Victoria Knight at

Our Hub supports the work of the Prison Research Network

You can follow them on Twitter at: