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Institute of History publications

Sophie Brockmann, The Science of Useful Nature in Central America: Landscapes, Networks and Practical Enlightenment, 1784-1838 (Oxford University Press, 2020)


Neil Carter, Cycling and the British: A Modern History (Bloomsbury, 2020)

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Heather Dichter (ed.), Soccer Diplomacy: International Relations and Football since 1914 (University of Kentucky Press, 2020)

Serena Dyer and Chloe Wigston-Smith (eds), Material Literacy in Eighteenth Century Britain: A Nation of Makers (Bloomsbury, 2020)


Kennetta Hammond Perry, London is the Place for Me: Black Britons, Citizenship and the Politics of Race (Oxford University Press, 2016) 

Elizabeth Lambourn, Abraham’s Luggage: A Social Life of Things in the Medieval Indian Ocean (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Kenneth Morrison, Nationalism, Identity and Statehood in Post-Yugoslav Montenegro (Bloomsbury, 2018)

Panikos Panayi, The Germans in India: Elite European Migrants in the British Empire (Manchester University Press, 2017)


Elizabeth Tingle, Sacred Journeys and the Counter-Reformation: Long-Distance Pilgrimage in Northwest Europe (Brill, 2020)

Pippa Virdee, From the Ashes of 1947: Reimagining Punjab (Cambridge University Press, 2018)