Centre for Urban Research on Austerity

Described by the Times Higher Education Supplement as the first of its kind, the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA) explores the impact of austerity. This includes examining variegated impacts of austerity, retrenchment and neoliberalisation on urban living; the responses of those subjects to effects, and identifies ways that research can help support truly sustainable development, including eliminating poverty and inequality and giving voice to the marginalised and dispossessed. We seek to contribute to a radically new research-informed policy landscape, which will enable and empower grassroots democratic participation, and foster discussions on, and solutions to, intersecting inequalities in urban contexts.

This webpage is a landing site for www.cura.our.dmu.ac.uk, where you can find detailed information and commentary about our research, and we welcome contributions from others. You can also follow us on Twitter on @cura2015 and join our jiscmail list CURANetwork for occasional updates on our research. View our brochure here.

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