IIB - International Year Zero (IYZ)

Get the perfect start to your degree at DMU with the International Year Zero (IYZ). You will take an extra year of study at DMUIC in order to complete your degree at DMU. Students who take the IYZ will continue to the first year of study of their chosen International Incorporated Bachelor's degree programme at DMU.      

Students can choose to join the IYZ either in September, January or April*.

IYZ routes are available in:

  • Art and Design
  • Business and Law
  • Engineering and Computing
  • Life Sciences/Psychology
  • Media 
  • Pharmacy (please see the entry criteria on Pharmacy MPharm Year Zero)

Course structure

Every IYZ has a number of core compulsory modules:

Study Skills I: Introduction to DMU

This module provides a vehicle for you to participate in a range of on- and off-campus activities and by a thorough introduction into the life of culture of DMU and the city of Leicester to enable you to reflect upon your initial experiences through short essays and a presentation.

Study Skills II: IT & Numeracy

You will gain a foundation in computing skills and enhance your maths abilities. You will learn how to use Microsoft Office - Word, Excel and Powerpoint, retrieving and assessing material through the use of internet search engines and the use of e-mail.

Study Skills III: Communication

In this module, you will study referencing in academic writing and how to avoid plagiarism, experience note-taking in a lecture hall environment and develop your speaking capabilities and confidence by undertaking exercises in public speaking and debating.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

It is vital you can communicate in English and understand your lectures. In addition to the core modules, there is a continuous English language module to help you improve your skills. You will learn how to: express your opinions and arguments in writing as well as verbally or through speech; produce written academic work; and enhance your research skills. Our teachers are experts at helping you improve your English for the purposes of studying and communicating at university and beyond.  

Academic subjects: There are also a number of subject-specific modules which relate to your chosen route.



Continuing your degree at DMU

Subject Tutors

You will have individual subject tutors who will make sure that you are on track to achieve your study goals. They will give you feedback both in person and in writing so that you always know how you are doing, and how to improve. You will also be assessed through regular tests and exams.

English language lessons

In addition to the core modules, there is also a continuous English language module to help undergraduate students improve their language skills.

Entry Requirements

English Language

Standard entry IELTS 5.5 (no component below 5.5). Students with a lower IELTS will be required to do either a 6 week or 12 week pre-sessional English programme.

  • IELTS 4.5 (no component below 4.0) with 12 week pre-sessional English programme


  • IELTS 5.0 (no component below 4.5) with 6 week pre-sessional English programme


  • IELTS 5.5 (any component below 5.5) with 6 week pre-sessional English programme


Academic requirements

High school certificate or equivalent from your home country

*April intakes allow students to directly join stage 2 (International First Year) in a selective range of continuation degrees and then continue to the second year of your chosen undergraduate bachelor's degree.

Academic entry requirements by country

Country  Qualification

Overall score of 14/20 with a minimum pass (10) in at least 4 subjects


Successful completion of HSC with a minimum of 50%


Diploma of Completed Secondary Specialised Education,or Diploma of Completed Secondary Education. Minimum overall grade of 3/6


Successful completion of Secondary School Senior 2 with a minimum of 70% or Senior 3 with below 75%


Bachiller Academico with 6


Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) Leaving Certificate (Apolytirio), overall of 10 (46%-50%)

Egypt General Secondary School Certificate, with minimum 60%
General Educational Development (GED) exam General Educational Development (GED) with a minimum score of 490



Successful completion of the West African School Certificate (WAEC) or Senior School Certificate normally with an average grade 1-6 (A-C) in 4 or more subjects* 

Hong Kong

Pass HKDSE with a minimum of 4 subjects Including Maths where required at Level 2 or above,


complete Form 4 and 5 with an average of 40-55% (depending on school's banding)

Successful completion of Standard XI with average of 50% or above,

or completion of Standard XII with average of 45% or above


Completion of SMA/SMU/SMK 2 average grade of 7.0 (70%), or SMA/SMU/SMK 3 average grade of 6.5 (65%)

International Baccalaureate (IB)

A minimum of 20 points

International Baccalaureate (IB) - Middle Years Programme

28 points with a minimum grade of 3 in each component

Ivory Coast

Successful Completion of Baccalauréat with minimum 12/20


Upper Secondary School Leaving certificate with average of 60%

Jordan Tawjihiya/Thanawihya/General Secondary School Certificate with good grades (60%)


East African School Certificate/Cambridge Overseas School Certificate/KCSE normally with at least 4 grade C’s or above

GCC Countries General Secondary School Certificate with 60%

Baccalaureat 'General' or 'Technique', minimum grade 12/20

Libya Secondary Education Certificate with a score of at least 60%

Successful completion of SPM (Malaysia Certificate of Education) with aggregate of 30 or less in best five relevant academic subjects


Diplôme du Baccalauréat or Diplôme du Baccalauréat Technique with pass grades


West African School Certificate or Senior School Certificate normally with grades 1 - 6

HSC with 45% or above


Świadectwo Ukończenia Liceum Ogólnokształcącego

(Certificate of Completion from a General Lyceum without the state matura exam) with a minimum pass of 40% in relevant subjects, or Świadectwo Dojrzałości Certificate of Maturity (Matura) - Pass Matura with a minimum of 30% in relative subjects  

Portugal Certificado de fim de Estudos Secundários / Certidão do Décimo Segundo Ano with Overall GPA of 12/20
Romania Certificate Liceului - Minimum average of 7 or above


Certificate of Secondary Education with an average GPA of 3/5

South Africa Completion of Year 11 Senior Certificate with A – C in at least 4 subjects or successful completion of the National Senior Certificate
South Korea Completion of High School Diploma with minimum average 7th grade or Senior High School 2 with average 4th grade in relevant subjects or School Leaving Certificate with average 60%, or High School Graduation Equivalency Examination with 60%

Senior High School Year 2 with 60% average/Senior High School Year 3 with 55% average


Successful completion of Maw 6 with minimum average of 1.0/50%, or Maw 5 with minimum average of 2.5 points

UK Qualifications

5 GCSE/IGCSE’s at A*- E, or two GCE A levels (grades E), or three GCE AS levels (grades D - E)



Upper Secondary School Graduation Diploma - successful completion of Grade 11 with GPA 6.0