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The International Incorporated (IIM) Engineering Master's will give you the competitive edge in taking your career to the next level.  You will develop an industry-relevant portfolio, gain the ability to lead large engineering projects and help to bring a new academic approach to your work.  Alongside engineering modules, you will take core academic modules to aid you in your studies.

Rewarding yet challenging, engineering is ideal for people who enjoy solving problems and creating solutions. The International Incorporated Master's in Engineering is designed to meet the needs of modern industry.  It will give you a thorough grounding in the theories of engineering as well as a sound practical knowledge in a subject which offers excellent career prospects.  As well as English for Engineering language modules, students on the IIM Master's will study the two modules below:


Systems Integration

This module will equip students with the ability to take fundamental engineering concepts to the next level to ensure that they can perform effectively on a Master's course.  It will examine mechatronics - the integration of mechanical, electronic and computing sub-systems - and provide an opportunity to demonstrate learned skills by completing a design project a brief set by the Leicester International Pathway College.  Students will study real-life applications of mechatronics in practice and the crucial role it plays in the disciplines of product design, machine design and process design.  The role of microprocessors in managing essential systems is examined in depth along with programming.  

Individual Project

Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate academic ability and practical skills by completing a major project as part of the course.  It will be completed over several weeks and students will have individual tutor support throughout.  Students will be expected to complete a substantial piece of research or product development work on an engineering topic chosen in consultation with tutors.  The topic will involve formulating problems, conducting literature reviews and evaluating information.  Successful completion of this module will equip you to progress onto the masters at DMU. You will be expected to present your work to the group to build presentation and communication skills. 

Upon successful completion of the Pre-Master's (Stage 1), you will continue onto stage 2 of your chosen IIM degree at DMU.

Additional modules include:

Academic English I (only studied by 2 term students)

Academic English II


Postgraduate degree options 

Electronic Engineering MSc

Engineering Management MSc

Mechatronics MSc 

Mechanical Engineering MSc