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Whether you are a graduate or in the early stages of your career, a Master’s qualification will enable you to get the edge in today’s competitive jobs market.

DMUIC’s Business IIM will give you the in-depth grounding needed for postgraduate study at DMU’s Leicester Business School, which is at the forefront of business education in the UK.

It is specially designed to introduce you to the challenging and intensive study environment you can expect as a postgraduate student.

Select specialist topics including management, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing.



Issues in International Human Resource Management 

Study the principal issues underlying international and comparative human resource management (IHRM) in a global context. These issues have gained in prominence with increasing trade liberalisation, ‘globalisation’, spread of multi-national corporations (MNCs), outsourcing to Asia and economic integration within the European Union. Examine how firms in different countries deal with major HR issues. The practical focus is on systems of recruitment, remuneration, training, employee participation, knowledge management and management of industrial relations as key human resource functions.

Introduction to Accounting
This module introduces you to the financial concerns of a business through an understanding of the global accounting function. You will be expected to draw reasoned conclusions with regard to issues such as performance evaluation and the suitability of various accounting techniques within a range of contexts. The module is used to help you develop a range of transferable skills of value in graduate study, for example, self-managed learning, team-working, presentation skills, report writing and critical analysis.

Fundamentals of Marketing
This module aims to provide an introduction to marketing – its various theories and concepts – and assess how these may be used to achieve a company’s objectives. You will consider the ways in which companies create an appropriate marketing strategy and the issues around marketing decision-making. Also covered is how a product may be positioned, priced and promoted and placed in different markets. The importance of research and development is placed in the context of updating and upgrading products and the devising of new products.

Upon successful completion of the Pre-Master (Stage 1), you will continue onto stage 2 of your chosen IIM degree at DMU.

Additional modules include:

Academic English I (only studied by students on the 2 term IIM)

Academic English II


Postgraduate degree options

Advertising and Public Relations Management MSc 

Economics and Finance MSc*

Economics and International Relations MSc

Creative Enterprise (Management and Enterprise) MSc

Cultural Events Management MSc

Design Management with Entrepreneurship MA*

Fashion Management with Marketing MA*

Health Psychology MSc**

International Banking and Finance MSc

International Business and Entrepreneurship MSc

International Business and Finance MSc

International Business and Human Resource Management MSc

International Business and Management MSc*

International Business and Marketing MSc*

International Relations MA

Marketing Management MSc 

Master of Business Administration MBA (Global)

Strategic and Digital Marketing MSc*

Project Management MSc

* January starts as well as September are available for stage 2 of these courses


** Additional entry requirements apply.