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Art and Design

Take your creativity to the next level with the Art and Design IIM – a programme specifically created to enhance your skills, knowledge and practice of art.

Develop your ideas and imagination into fresh, original pieces at the same time as part of your postgraduate study at DMU.

You will have full access to DMU’s first-class art facilities and design studios throughout your studies. DMU has an unrivalled reputation for producing work of outstanding originality and quality.

Apply theoretical understanding with practical application to your specialist area and gain feedback from expert tutors and fellow students.

Emphasis is placed on helping you find your artistic “voice” in a supportive, dynamic environment.

In addition to the Academic English and Introduction to UK Graduate Study modules, students also undertake the following two modules:



Art and Design Tools and Techniques for postgraduate study

This module is pivotal in you with the fundamental skills necessary to perform effectively at Master's level and to develop as an artist and/or designer in your chosen discipline. The module teaches the key skills required to be a successful artist and/or designer and project manager. The module aims to allow you to explore both traditional art and design techniques and digital skills. The digital techniques and software you will explore include the Adobe Creative Suite and other online software that is relevant to your progression route through short projects.  You will also learn traditional art and design techniques such as: technical drawing, sketching using a variety of mediums (ink, pencil, charcoal and pastel), collage, photography, 3D model making and fabric construction.  You will also create a longer project using the techniques learned that relates to your continuation route; this can be using either the digital or traditional methods.  

Art and Design Investigation for postgraduate study

This module consists of a number of activity-based small art and/or design research projects.  These utilise project briefs.  The students will tackle these appropriately, dependant on their main discipline.  These projects consist of orchestrating and managing a series of challenges, decisions, tasks and timelines.  Additionally, you are required to work both individually and in mixed disciplinary groups in order to tackle the projects set.  The combination of activities facilitates your development of a breadth of experiential learning and cross-disciplinary interaction. You are encouraged to work both within and without their main discipline.  

Upon successful completion of the Pre-Master's (Stage 1), you will continue onto stage 2 of your chosen IIM degree at DMU.

Additional modules include:

Academic English I (only studied by 2 term students)

Academic English II


Postgraduate degree options 

Cultural Events Management MSc 

- accessed via IIM Business route

Design Innovation MA / MSc


(with pathways in Digital Design, Footwear Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Museum and Exhibition Design, Product Design, Retail Design and Visual Communication Design)

Design Management with Entrepreneurship MA *

- accessed via IIM Business route

Digital Design MA

Fashion Management with Marketing MA *

- accessed via IIM Business route

Fashion and Textiles MA 


(with pathways in Contour Fashion, Fashion Design, Footwear Design and Accessories, Textile Design)

Fine Art MA

Interior Design MA  

Product Design MA  

Textile Design Technology Innovation MSc 

* January starts as well as September are available for stage 2 of these courses