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If you would like to submit an appeal, please see the relevant instructions below. Deadlines to submit an appeal and other details can be found alongside the form link where applicable.

Types of appeal

There are three different types of appeal available:

  • Academic appeals: an academic appeal is an appeal against a decision made during the marking and assessment process.
  • Attendance appeals: an attendance appeal can be submitted if you have reason to disagree with a decision made as a result of your attendance record.
  • Requesting to repeat a year: a request to repeat a year can be submitted if you would like to apply to retake a year of your course.

Each type of appeals has its own requirements for how, when and why it can be submitted. Make sure you read the requirements and procedure for the type of appeal you want to submit before completing the form.

For more information on extenuating circumstances, please see Chapter 5 of our General Regulations.


  1. Academic appeals

    Grounds for appeal

    Your academic appeal must be submitted within 15 university working days of the published date of results. You can only submit an academic appeal for one or more of the following reasons:

    • You believe that there were demonstrable errors in the assessment process that are likely to have affected the outcome of that process; or
    • You believe that there have been errors in the marking or in the decisions made by the assessment board.

    Submit an academic appeal

    If you have grounds, and wish to submit an academic appeal, click the link below to open the form in a new tab, or right click and save to download the form as a PDF file. We recommend that you have your documentary evidence and supporting statement ready, and that you make sure you have read and familiarised yourself with the guidance below before submitting. When completing your form, please make sure you state the module titles and codes for the modules you would like to appeal, as there are likely to be delays if this is not provided. You will need to state clearly where you feel a problem has occurred, and any evidence to support this, if you have it. We recommend that you keep a copy of your appeal for your own records.

    Academic appeal form

    Your rights

    According to the DMU's General Regulations, you have the right to appeal, on specified grounds only, for reconsideration of the decision of any assessment board. You have the right to stay on your course and continue with your studies until the outcome of the appeal is known - provided this is permitted by your results and attendance on the rest of your course.

    Further information

    Whilst you are entitled to continue your studies and re-enrol during the appeal process, please note that this progression is provisional, and that you do so at your own risk; any marks you receive, etc., will not be confirmed until your appeal is resolved.

    If your appeal is dismissed, this could impact your fees, student loan and studies. For further information, you can contact your faculty Student Advice Centre, who will be able to provide advice and give you information on any support services that may be helpful.

    Once you have submitted your academic appeal form, it will be reviewed by the Academic Support Office. Possible outcomes include:

    • Dismissal
    • The appeal is upheld
    • The appeal is partially upheld

    You will receive an outcome letter that contains further information about your appeal and any next steps available to you.

  2. Attendance appeals

    You are required to be present and engage with their studies as per your programme of study. Attendance is monitored, and should your attendance be of concern, your faculty will contact you.

    After a set number of notifications have been sent to you regarding your attendance, you will be de-registered and therefore no longer a student at DMU. Please see the General Regulations for further information.

    If you wish to submit an attendance appeal, click the link below to open the form in a new tab. You will need documentary evidence, termination letter and supporting statement ready for upload. Any evidence provided after submission may not considered. We recommend that you keep a copy of your appeal for your own records.

    Attendance appeals must be submitted within 21 university working days of formal notification of the cancellation of their studies.

    The university will consider your appeal for eligibility and will provide a written outcome letter. Possible outcomes include dismissal or uphold.

    If you are ready to complete and submit an attendance appeal, click the link below to open the form in a new tab.

    Attendance appeal form

    Student Route visa holders

    For students who hold a Student Route visa, attendance that falls below the required standards will result in the student being reported UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) as no longer attending the university. This made lead to the UKVI cancelling the visa as per their regulations. It is strongly recommended that you speak to the Immigration Compliance team at the university for further guidance.

  3. Requesting to repeat a year

    Applying to repeat a year

    If you are ready to submit an application to repeat a year, please contact your faculty Student Advice Centre. We recommend that you prepare your supporting evidence in advance, if possible, in order to submit your application in good time.

    Repeating a year

    The university only allows requests to repeat a year to be submitted as a result of extenuating circumstances.

    Under DMU Academic Regulations (2023/24) Level 4, 5 and PG students are not permitted to make a repeat year request. Requests to repeat level 6 of study will only be considered as a result of extenuating circumstances; you must provide evidence of these circumstances along with your request form that covers the period you want to repeat.

    When a student repeats a year, none of their module marks from their previous attempts at that level are carried forward; any marks gained are replaced with the ones gained during the repeat year.

    All decisions about repeat year requests are made by the faculty's Associate Dean (Academic), or their nominee.

    What happens after I submit my request?

    If your repeat year request is accepted, all your current marks for the year you will be repeating will be archived, and you will be registered to repeat the level of study from the beginning of the next academic year.

    If your repeat year request is not accepted, you will have a right to appeal this outcome; all information on how to do this will be provided in your outcome letter.