Highway changes to Newarke Close and pedestrian access from John Whitehead car park

Newarke Point main

On Monday 25 April a contractors’ compound will be formed on Newarke Close to facilitate scaffolding and re-cladding works to Newarke Point.

The site plan shows the extent of the contractors’ compound around Newarke Point.

The compound will include the access road between Newarke Close and the John Whitehead car park – shown hatched blue on the site plan. Therefore the access road will be closed from Monday 25 April until 9 September 2022 inclusive.

While the access road is closed an alternative pedestrian accessway will be available from the John Whitehead car park through the Portland car park – along an accessway at the edge of the car park which is hatched yellow on the car park surface. The alternative accessway is shown with green arrows on the site plan.

It will be necessary to close the alternative pedestrian accessway and also the standard car park spaces in the Portland car park for a few days when scaffolding is set up on the access road and also for a few days towards the end of the project when the scaffolding is dismantled. Updated bulletins will be issued in advance of the scaffolding works taking place.

While the works to Newarke Point are carried out to the elevations fronting Newarke Close from Monday 25 April up until Thursday 22 September 2022 inclusive, the carriageway and pavements of Newarke Close near the river end of Newarke Close will be closed near the Vijay Patel service yard. The service yard will remain accessible. While this section of Newarke Close is closed it will not be possible to walk from Newarke Close to the Riverside Walkway outside the Riverside Café.

The link between Newarke Close and the Riverside Walkway will be re-opened once the re-cladding works to Newake Point have been completed.

Posted on Wednesday 20 April 2022

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