Graduation FAQs


  1. How do I contact the Graduation Team?

    If you have a query you can’t find the answer to online then don’t hesitate to contact us by email at, or by phone on +44 (0)116 257 7307 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

    The lead up to the ceremonies is a busy time for the team and we will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

  2. How long is the ceremony?

    Each ceremony lasts around an hour and a half.

  3. Are degree classifications read out?

    No, just the level and title of award.

    Full names are also read out as they appear on the student record system.

  4. When will I receive my certificate?

    Certificates are issued at the ceremony. Students who are not attending the ceremony will have their certificate posted to the permanent address registered on their student record at the university. If you believe this is incorrect, email us at with the title ‘Change of Address’. We will need your P number and course title too.

  5. I have a debt to the university - can I still attend?

    All academic tuition fee debts to the university must be cleared in full or you will not be able to graduate. Please clear any other debts such as accommodation, library or AV equipment charges.

    Payment plan arrangements for tuition fees agreed with the university will not permit attendance at the graduation ceremony until academic tuition fee debts are cleared in full.

    Student enquiries about paying debts can be directed to

    You can still book your place at the ceremony but you must clear the tuition fee debt before the ceremony in order to be permitted to graduate.

    Library books can be returned on the day of your ceremony at the Kimberlin Library or taking them along to Curve Theatre where you can drop them off at the registration desk.

  6. What should I wear? What does the robe and hood look like?

    All graduands must wear the university’s full academic dress, hired in advance of the ceremony. The university's appointed graduation robe partner is William Northam Ltd who supply the hire of the university's official DMU branded graduation robes.

    Students and guests should dress as if attending a formal event, akin to a wedding and we kindly request that graduands do not wear jeans, trainers, shorts or very casual clothes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to graduands who are dressed inappropriately.

    The robe itself is all black and the hood colour will vary depending on the subject area and level of study; however, the dominant hood colour is an amber-gold. Read more information and see photographs of academic dress at DMU on our web pages.

  7. When should I collect my robe and have my photos taken on the day?

    Collecting your robe from Rehearsal Rooms 4 and 5 on the second floor is the first thing to do on arrival at Curve Theatre. To manage crowd congestion, we ask that guests do not accompany students when they collect their robe. You will be able to meet up with them afterwards in Rehearsal Room 1 for photographs (if needed) or in the Café and Bar areas on the ground floor.

    The photography studio is located along with robing at Curve Theatre on level 2; it can be very busy, with some queueing to be expected at peak times throughout the day. Most students will have time to collect their robe and have their photos taken; however, if you are running short on time, just collect your robe and make your way to Student Registration on the ground floor of Curve Theatre. You can always return to photography to have your photo taken after the ceremony.

    Please note that photographers will also be capturing informal pre- and post-ceremony photos of students and guests. These will appear on the university’s Facebook page.

    We recommend you arrive at least an hour and a half before your ceremony begins.

    Robing, photography and registration timings

    Ceremony start Robe collection and photography Student Registration Ceremony finishes (approx.)
    10am From 8am From 8.30am 11.30am
    2pm From 10.30am From 11.30am 3.30pm
    5pm From 2.30pm From 3.30pm 6.30pm

    • Photography will close at 7pm each day
    • Student Robe returns will close at 7.15pm each day
    • Curve Theatre closes at 8pm each day

    Robes are returned on the same day to the Student Returns area on the Mezzanine floor of Curve Theatre unless the hire period has been extended by agreement with William Northam.

  8. Do you have a recommended itinerary for the day?

    Yes - it’s a busy day, but one we hope you really enjoy! The main points to remember for your itinerary are:

    • Arrive at Curve Theatre a minimum of an hour and a half before the ceremony starts – bearing in mind how long it might take you to park (if driving) and make your way to the Curve building
    • Go straight to the second floor robe collection area (Rehearsal Room 3 and 4) and, if required, have photos taken on the second floor
    • Make your way to the ground floor of Curve and head for Student Registration – this is where you collect your student ticket. Registration is just to the left of the Curve Box Office
    • Be in your seat 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony
  9. What if I know I am going to be late for my ceremony?

    Depending on how late you arrive, we will do all we can to place you in the ceremony. This is likely to mean that you will graduate out of the original order of names, but your name will still be announced.

  10. I need more than two guest tickets, is that possible?

    All graduands are guaranteed two guest tickets available to them if they book their place before the online booking system closes on 14 November at 5pm.

    Spare ticket capacity will then be calculated and we will release additional tickets for sale from the DMU Online Store on 21 November, staggered by ceremony, from 9am.

    We stress to all students that additional tickets are not guaranteed and that students shouldn’t rely on extra ticket availability. We cannot guarantee that extra tickets – or the amount of extra tickets needed – will be available for your ceremony.

    We do not issue reminder communications directly to students about additional ticket availability, this is updated on the university graduation pages on the website.

  11. Will there be any tickets for sale on the day?

    Our ceremonies often sell out, but there can sometimes be some spare available on the day. If that’s the case, they can be bought from Curve Box Office when you arrive, subject to availability. We cannot make guarantees about tickets on the day, so please bear in mind the possibility that no spare tickets will be available.

  12. Is there any hardship funding available to help me attend graduation?

    We understand that some students may be unable to meet the cost of robe hire and tickets for their guests. The University Graduation Support Fund aims to help students who face financial difficulty in meeting the costs of attending their graduation.

    You may be eligible to apply for this fund, which will require submitting an application form and supporting documentary evidence to our graduation support fund

    The Graduation Support Fund will open 12 noon on 26 October and closes on 14 November at 5pm. Applications received after this time will not be accepted

  13. Can children attend?

    Graduation is a time of celebration of your achievements for you, family and friends; children are welcome to attend the ceremonies.

    However, ceremonies are formal events lasting up to 1.5 hours, with moments of darkness, music, theatrical lighting and loud applause. It is not a recommended event for young children who, experience shows become restless during ceremonies.

    If you wish to bring children as guests, they will need a ticket to enter the graduation auditorium, this includes toddlers on laps. Children’s tickets are £17.50 per child, including toddlers on laps.

    Babies 12 months and under do need a ticket, please contact, or by phone on +44 (0)116257 7307 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

    Children cannot be left unattended and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. The safety and well-being of children is the responsibility of accompanying adults and children cannot be cared for by DMU or Curve members of staff.

    Please note prams and buggies aren’t permitted in the graduation auditorium and there is a buggy park at Curve for student and guest use. Property left at the buggy park is left at the owner's risk.

    Don’t make any travel or accommodation arrangements for you or your guests until all tickets are officially confirmed via email.

  14. I have special access requirements for myself or a guest - how do I let you know about this?

    There is an opportunity to register any specific access requirements when confirming your ceremony place on the booking system, which will close on 14 November at 5pm. You can also email us at If we are notified of special access requirements on the day of the ceremony, we may not be able to accommodate them.

  15. Are all the ceremonies live streamed?

    Yes, they can be viewed on YouTube and the DMU graduations homepage. There’s also a screening room in Rehearsal Room 2 on the Mezzanine Floor.

  16. Is my name published anywhere?

    Yes. We publish the full names of all graduands, whether they attend the ceremony or not. This is listed in the Graduation Brochure. Degree classifications are not published.

  17. I have a nickname that I'd prefer to be read out at my ceremony, can you do that?

    Graduation is a formal event, and student names are read out in full as they appear on the degree certificate. We are not able to abbreviate names or announce nicknames at the ceremony.

  18. What facilities are available at the Curve Theatre?

    Drinks and snacks can be bought from the Green Room Café at Curve, which is open from 8.30am.

    Pre- and post-ceremony drinks can be bought from the Stage Door Bar inside Curve.

    There are two main entrances into the building, found on Halford Street and Rutland Street – there is level access from both entrances.

    There are toilets on all levels of the building. There is also a Changing Places Toilet with adult changing table and assistive hoist.

    A buggy park is available for prams and pushchairs, left at your own risk. Please note that space is not available to store large bags or luggage.

    A Prayer Room is available in the Mackintosh Dressing Room on the Mezzanine Floor.

    For more information on where restaurants and bars in the city, see Visit Leicester.

  19. What about restaurants and bars in the area?

    In the immediate area of Curve Theatre the following places might be of interest:

    For more information about places to eat, drink and where to stay, see Visit Leicester.

  20. I can’t attend in January 2024, can I defer to another date?

    Yes but you do have to notify us please as we don’t automatically invite students who don’t attend to the next schedule. If you wish to attend a future ceremony then reply on the booking system by 14 November at 5pm and we will defer the invitation to the next ceremonies.

  21. My friend is graduating in a different ceremony to me can I move my ceremony so that we can graduate together?

    Sorry we can’t accommodate these requests, as students are allocated to the ceremony linked to their course and completion date and it’s not possible for us to relocate students based on friendship groups.

  22. I'm an international student and need some help with my visa