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Welcome to the DMU Employability Mentoring Project! We want to find out a bit more about you and hope to set up a phone call or meeting to tell you more about the project so you can decide if it is right for you. To do this we require you to fill out the electronic form below please.

We respectfully ask you for this information, because if you choose to get involved with the project in due course we will use elements of this initial data to match you to a suitable mentee. The matching process between mentor and mentee is an art and not an exact science so we will also use our ongoing knowledge of you as we learn about you (and the mentee) in time to make the best possible matches.

The data you provide here is accessible to the project team and will be printed and stored securely in locked cabinets and also electronically stored on password protected emails at DMU. In order for us to use your data (your industry background, if you are alumni of DMU, what you studied and what your motivation for mentoring is) we need your explicit consent to do so. Therefore on the form below we ask you for your permission to do so. In order to ensure that we do not keep your data any longer than is reasonable, we have a stance that seeks to clarify what we will do with your data. Should we monitor a mentor’s ‘non response’ to our communications we will adopt the following approach to ensure that we are not holding onto their data for a period of time that is open ended and unclear. Should we not receive a response from you despite our attempts to contact you regarding mentoring and that period of ‘none response’ since your last communication exceed twelve months, we will destroy your records removing them from the system, only keeping your first and last name as a record of someone who was in contact with the project. We will attempt to contact you once one month prior to this destruction date to inform you of this to ensure that you have full opportunity to re-engage. Should your records be destroyed after this one year period but you then wish to re-join the project we will require you to undergo the full processes of mentor recruitment once more. This is considered good practice and is an action that we have applied to the project to remain compliant with GDPR and quality assurance which we have received advice on.

If you do get involved, we will share elements of your information (but not your identity or direct contact details) with mentees when we start the matching process. We would only pass your contact details to a mentee, with your full consent at that point and only when you are ready to connect with them at the end of the matching process.

When our project is quality audited and assessed (every three years), an independent external assessor will also have supervised access to a range of project information. We do not pass on your details to third party individuals or organisations.

Please fill out the form below as honestly as you can and with good detail. Thank you. If you have any questions, please call 0116 207 8979 or 07909 000127.

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