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Funded internships for your business


The DMU Graduate Champions scheme is an opportunity for businesses to recruit graduates onto internships that are funded by the university.

Each graduate is contracted and paid for by DMU to complete 18.5 hours work a week (or 111 hours in total), for six weeks, with the university paying the Living Wage. Since 2013, thousands of DMU graduates have been able to apply their knowledge in the workplace, enhance their CVs, boost their confidence and help them stand out from the crowd. 

This gives employers the opportunity to benefit, free-of-charge, from our bright and ambitious graduates who can provide their business with graduate-level expertise and innovation in their field. Many interns have been taken on permanently after the scheme thanks to the impact they made.

To discuss setting up a DMU Graduate Champions internship please email and we will send you some further information about the scheme ahead of the next round.

Organisations can create a wide range of internships across a variety of disciplines. The emphasis is on the quality of experience and the added value to both the graduate and the host organisation.

Proposals now open

If you're interested in offering an internship opportunity for our Autumn 2020 round, simply complete our proposal form. Once submitted and then approved, we'll get to work matching graduates with the relevant skills for your internship proposal.

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  1. Leicester City Football Club | "The additional help is very welcome."

    "This gives the graduates a great experience and it will look brilliant on their CV. We are a huge football club and hopefully working here will create great opportunities for them.

    It is great for us to have all these extra people, with graduate experience, working for us. It is busy all the time and the additional help is very welcome."

    Tom Crosse - Marketing Executive
  2. Orean Personal Care Ltd | "It is so important to put theory into practise."

    "I have not come across a scheme like Graduate Champions before but I think it is a great idea. It is not only helpful for us in the lab, but also for the graduates. It is so important to put theory into practise. It gives them an insight into the real world of work, taking into account the raw materials they have to order and work with, costs, handling of chemicals and using equipment.

    Out in the world it is everyone for themselves and experience is essential. We are always going to take someone on who has experience and a degree compared to someone who has just a degree."

    Janice Heslop - Technical Manager
  3. Marshall SEAT | "I would say she is a model intern."

    "I think the admin side from DMU has been really comprehensive and DMU really looks after the students.

    We have found Jas Atwal really, really helpful. She is very willing to learn and gets stuck in. She also doesn't need much managing so I would say she is a model intern."

    David Crooks - General Manager
  4. Sporting Edge | "They bring a level expertise from their degree that we would not have had otherwise."

    "We have been impressed with the calibre of students. They are really professional and really hard working. I think DMU Graduate Champions is a great scheme. The graduates are a valuable asset because they bring a level expertise from their degree that we would not have had otherwise. We want them to apply their knowledge and expertise and help us to grow. We are looking forward to working with the Graduate Champions team in the future."

    Sanjay Bhogaita