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Employability Mentoring at DMU


What is Employability Mentoring and what do we aim to achieve?

This scheme is all about students making connections with and learning from people with industry experience. Mentoring as a development tool, provides our students with the opportunity to ask questions and form professional relationships with those with industry experience who are willing to offer their time and experience in group, online and one to one settings. 

As a professional, you can share your industry and career experiences with students keen to learn from you. By sharing your expertise, insight and wisdom you can make a real difference to their aspirations and plans for their own career, whilst developing yourself professionally. Our mentors benefit from the scheme by honing their interpersonal and communication skills by learning how to bring out the best in their mentees. They share with us how much they enjoy being part of the project and developing the next generation of talent. The scheme aims to improve the employability of our students using industry mentors. 

We do this by taking students through four key stages: 

  1. Where am I now? We will help students to begin to clarify where they are at in relation to their own employability and its current value. 

  2. Where do I want to be? We will help students to begin to identify a future desired state as to the sort of professional they aim to become. 

  3. How will I get there? We will help students to explore potential future pathways to their careers using the experience and perspectives of our employability mentors. 

  4. What is my action plan? We will help students to undertake actions based on new learning to think, speak and act differently in order to become the professional you seek to be. 



Our first ever scheme film showcases what we do, its value to our students and the benefits of mentoring.

We are looking for professionals to mentor our students

We are actively recruiting mentors from a range of industries and backgrounds to form a pool of professionals with whom students can engage with in a variety of mentoring settings. 

We want to recruit mentors who can offer industry specific advice, as well as those who prefer to focus on the individual and their generic employability and professional skills. We also have mentors that aim to do both. As a mentor, the choice is yours. 

If you have specific skills that you would like to share, knowledge to impart and perspective to offer, please get in touch and let’s talk about how mentoring can be of real benefit to you and the student. 

Our mentor recruitment film showcases what is involved if you get in touch with us and what you can expect.

What do our mentors say about the scheme?

At the heart of our project are professional relationships that are value driven. Here’s a selection of some of the comments that our mentors say about us: 

It has been a pleasure to work with Andy. The development of the project has been handled with professionalism and a good dose of enthusiasm. Andy has always been willing to review and improve the project along the way, which builds confidence! Thanks for the opportunity to help those starting their career. I wish I had had a mentor!



It has been an enormous privilege for me to have worked with you and I really appreciate the support that you have shown to me. It has also been extremely rewarding for me to have been involved in the students’ journey and to have been part of their development, in some small way.



I feel like I learnt a great deal from our first meeting including that my entrepreneurial attitude can be of benefit to those looking for careers in a less linear career path.


"Thank you Andy for extending your gratitude to us all. But most importantly thank you for making this programme a reality in the first place. :) #teamwork"



Group mentoring opportunities

Group mentoring is a specific offer within our scheme and provides students with the opportunity to ask questions to a number of mentors assembled at specific organised events. For our students it’s a great opportunity to get comfortable with industry professionals and learn from their responses before then being matched to their own one to one mentor. Group mentoring events are typically offered to mentors and mentees between October and March and can vary between daytime and evening sessions.


Latest project news

Our quarterly Employability Mentoring Newsletter contains the latest news about the project and what we have been up to in recent times:

Employability Mentoring Newsletter July 2021

A quality assured project

Our work is quality assured and accredited by the NCVO resulting in our second successive achievement of the Approved Provider Standard quality mark in December 2018.

Mentoring is all about sharing experiences based on great questions. It matters to us to provide clear information to you as part of our quality processes. 

NCVO approved provider

Contact the project to find out more

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the project and express your interest using our online form.

General project email:

Andy Morris 
Employability Mentoring Manager
T: 0116 207 8979 
M: 07909 000127