Inside Edge Mentoring at DMU

What is Inside Edge Mentoring and what do we aim to achieve?

This scheme is all about the art of shared experiences between our students and graduates and professionals in industry. Here, our student and graduate mentees make connections with and learn from people with industry experience to help inform the potential pathways ahead. The scheme aims to improve the career prospects of our students and graduates using industry mentors.

Mentoring as a tool for change

Mentoring as a development tool, provides our students and graduates with the opportunity to ask questions and form professional relationships with those who have industry experience, who are willing to offer their time and wisdom in a range of mentoring settings, including online, face to face, one to ones and in groups for example.

Mentoring is journey with shared experience at its heart and is concerned with the power and value of change by genuinely learning from the experience of others. Here we encourage our students and graduates to think, speak and act differently because of what they learn from their mentoring experiences.

Our learning community of professional mentors

 As a professional working with us, you will join a community of mentors who have been shedding light on industry since 2014 with thousands of students. In partnership with us, you can share your industry and career experiences with students keen to learn from you. By sharing your expertise, insight, and wisdom you can make a real difference to their aspirations and plans for our students and graduates, whilst developing yourself professionally.

Our mentors benefit from the scheme through active listening when being questioned, by revisiting past experiences and by framing their perspectives in engaging ways. Mentors hone their interpersonal and communication skills whilst working to bring out the best in their mentees as well as learning from the mentees perspectives as-well.

We are looking for professionals to mentor our students

We are actively recruiting mentors from a range of industries and backgrounds to form a pool of talented professionals with whom students and graduates can engage with in a variety of mentoring settings. 

We aim to recruit mentors who can share their industry experience about the realities, opportunities, cultures, politics, and expectations of their sectors, as well as sharing their own career pathway and what it took for them personally and professionally to progress and achieve in the world of work. If you work in industry, then you likely have a story to tell. Why not engage with the scheme and share your story with students and graduates willing to listen and learn from you?

Our mentor recruitment film showcases what is involved if you get in touch with us and what you can expect.

Our mentor recruitment film showcases what is involved if you get in touch with us and what you can expect.

Quality at the centre of all that we do

Our scheme has proudly been twice awarded the Approved Provider Standard kitemark by the NCVO for its delivery of high-quality mentoring and continues to strive for excellence in every aspect of the work we undertake with mentors and mentees.


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If you are interested in finding out more and would like to set up an initial chat with us, please contact us by expressing your interest using our online form. Thank you for your interest.

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