Crucible Project members

  1. Roshni Desai – Roshni Desai Designs

    Lingerie designer Roshni runs Roshni Desai Designs. One of the key drivers behind Roshni’s business is reducing waste in the fashion industry, and ensuring her collections have a light environmental footprint. The lingerie is adjustable up to four cup sizes to ensure customers do not have to keep buying new lingerie if they change size.

  2. Sarah Langdon – Tall Giraffe

    Sarah runs Tall Giraffe, a company which aims to help students who struggle with the behavioural boundaries of traditional classrooms or learning spaces to learn and gain academic qualifications. It supports students from Year 10 upwards who have found themselves spending a lot of time in isolation, being removed from lessons or generally struggling with behavioural boundaries in the classroom.

  3. Mansoor Mohammed – Goin’ Golf

    Mans has launched the biggest indoor golfing experience in the UK, Goin’ Golf, which is based at Stoke on Trent.

    Golfers can play a simulator which allows them to virtually visit some of the most popular golf courses on the planet such as St Andrews. It opened during the pandemic and is attracting golfers and new fans.

  4. Liga Orlovska – Honey Craft

    Liga’s creating a real buzz with her business, Honey Craft. She has collaborated with author Jayne Williams and illustrator Keith Turner to launch a series of children’s books which tell the stories of insect characters, inspiring a love of wildlife. She works with schools in Leicester to support their environmental learning.

  5. Lee Paxman-Clarke and Sarah Lockwood Lee – HEAL.Med

    HEAL.Med helps children with Type 1 diabetes to manage their condition through a fun app, providing education and training to manage the diagnosis to hospitals as well as patients.

    It is run by Dr James Greening, the lead children’s consultant at Leicester Royal Infirmary; Sarah Lockwood Lee, head of operations and education, and designer Lee Paxman Clarke, who is a senior research fellow at DMU’s Design Unit. They won the Digital Business award at the 2021 Niche Business Awards and are passionate about helping young patients and their families.

  6. Lis Naylor – Artist, Author, Mentor, Life Coach, and Business Consultant

    Committed to helping people break down the barriers which block them from success and build up the business of their dreams.
  7. Nav Virk

    Navneet Virk is a British Asian designer/artist with a professional background in styling, design, and material development. Sustainability is at the core of her work, focusing on creating new objects from waste material. Her work explores concepts of excesses within human nature, consumption and how we define value.
  8. Achaia Gay

    DMU Fashion and Knitwear graduate Achaia puts her skills into practice designing accessories which are unique. She turns knitted creations into clay casts, using those textile forms to create wearable pieces of jewellery in gold or silver.
  9. Lorna Grey

    Creates bespoke fashion wear using AI technology. She is developing a web program which allows customers to input their measurements to create clothing which fits them perfectly. Material is reclaimed from fabric to ensure sustainability.
  10. Danielle Vaughan

    A professional artist mixed media collage artist. She produces kits for people who would like to learn how to collage and is teaching on YouTube.
  11. Suzana Lezaj

    Suzana Lezaj runs Zannaa UK, designing shoes with collections throughout the year. Her 2022 collection is based upon bright, springtime colours and sophisticated designs.

  12. Holly Bradshaw – Hand Me Down Equestrian

    Holly Bradshaw’s business idea is Hand Me Down Equestrian, a company which provides riders with end-of-line and second-hand fashions.

  13. Embroidery by Belle (Annabel)

    Hand embroidered clothing and accessories, offering custom/personalised orders. Belle offers a selection of items, including tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Belle can also embroider existing items that you own or create custom designs.
  14. Studio Katya (Katrina)

    Studio Katya is an independent woman’s clothing brand based in Leicester.

    Clothing that is inspired by cottage core and romance, making it timeless and easy to layer for any occasion or season. All items are made to order ensuring high quality finish.

  15. Lucy Naylor

    Lucy runs workshops for children and young adults who have learning differences. She believes that everyone has a different style of learning and uses her expertise in the creative process to help them reach their learning potential.
  16. Dante Darko-Moss - CorkTree Industries

    CorkTree Industries is a intellectual property and brand management company that allows for creativity in creating new brands and developing them into products. CorkTree Industries is helping to launch its first brand CubcakeCuddles® – a gift-orientated plush toy line. With the help of the Crucible project to put their best paw forward.

    CubcakeCuddles® is a registered trademark of CorkTree Industries 2019, all rights reserved.