Events and Reunions

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We host a variety of events for our alumni both online and in-person across the world. Here’s a highlight of the types of events we run:

  • Reunions: offering you the opportunity to reminisce, see our new campus, reconnect with your peers and the university, and celebrate key milestones such as an important anniversary of graduation. We can help you organise a reunion for your course, year or group of friends, and provide a range of support and advice to ensure your return to the University is another DMU memory worth cherishing.
  • Networking events: a chance for you to meet with likeminded people - whether you studied the same course, work in a similar field, or have other common interests, we want to ensure that there is something for everyone to engage with.
  • Social conversations: we often collaborate with the wider university and community to engage with current social topics and public debates. You can attend these events or get involved as a volunteer or guest speaker.

If you would like to get involved in an event or organise your own reunion, please get in touch with us by emailing

For a full list of alumni events, log-in or sign-up to the Alumni Hub.

To see the university events calendar, click here.