Student Retention and Achievement in HE: Success, Inequality and Disadvantage

This conference was organised and hosted by the Retention and Achievement of Ethnic Minorities (RAEMS) group and Academic Professional Development (APD).   

- Conference Programme
DMU Equality Objectives & Key Performance Indicators
DMU Student Diversity Data to 2010/11 and related Equality Objectives
- Setting the Scene: RAEMS progress to date - presentation slides
- RAEMS report and recommendations on work to date
- Workshop exercise: Responding to the data
Feedback notes from the workshop session
- Participant List - coming soon

Keynote speaker 1:  The Sheer Weight of Whitness
Prof Andrew Pilkington, 
Northampton University. Author: “Institutional racism in the Academy” (Trentham, 2011)
- Biographical Details
Presentation slides
- Institutional Racism in the Academy - a case study flyer

Keynote speaker 2:  How does DSU contribute to hearing the BME voice on Campus
Ian Warrington, Vice President Student Activities and Jessica Doyle, Mentoring Co-ordinator DSU

DSU Presentation slides 

Keynote Speaker 3:  Improving Black and Ethnic Minority Student Attainment: Challenges and Possibilities
Dr Gurnam Singh, Principal Lecturer in Social Work, Coventry University
- Biographical Details
- Presentation slides 
- Disparities in Student Attainment
- Black and minority ethnic (BME) students’ participation in higher education: improving retention and success. A synthesis of research evidence.


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