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Programme of events

Over the course of six months, from October 2021 to March 2022, DMU will be showing a wide variety of research, innovation and student work, with many expert academics giving talks, presentations and joining in debates.

Each month the UK Pavilion will hold a themed ‘breakthrough week’ which will promote a particular aspect of future innovation.

Here’s a guide to what DMU is doing and where throughout the event.


  1. October

    Breakthrough moment: What Will We Wear?

    The ‘Future of Textiles’ exhibition 

    22/23 October 

    Technology is reshaping our world – and the clothes we wear. In this this exhibition we share some of the wonder materials and technologies that have been developed at DMU to resolve some of the huge challenges the textiles industry faces. Some have been created using space age technologies, whilst others use ancient materials in unexpected new ways. This will feature work from:

    • Jinsong Shen, Professor of Textile Chemistry and Biotechnology
    • Martin Richardson, Professor of Modern Holography
    • Dr Claire Lerpiniere, senior lecturer, Textile Design
    • Dr Lionel Dean, senior lecturer, School of Design

    Catwalk show 

    24 October

    We will be putting on two catwalk shows which will show off sustainable fashion and textile collections from graduates on our DMU Fashion Design course from the classes of 2020 and 2021.

    Podcast - ‘Circular Economy’

    Date - TBC

    Dr Claire Lerpiniere, senior lecturer in Textiles, will take part in a podcast exploring how we can all play a part in creating a ‘circular’ fashion industry that eliminates pollution and exploitation.


    Panel discussion - ‘Do we really care who makes our clothes?’

    25 October

    Prof Carolyn Hardaker, Head of School of Fashion and Textiles, will look at concerned engaged shoppers are with the origin and production methods used to create their garments – and how they might be engaged to make sustainable choices.

    Panel discussion - ‘The high-tech future of fashion: what can we expect?’

    25 October

    Prof Guy Bingham, Professor of Design, will consider what impact technology will have on the future of fashion as part of a panel discussion.

  2. November

    Podcast - 'Beautiful data'

    5 November

    Recorded in front of a live audience, Professor Tracy Harwood, Professor of Digital Culture, will discuss how AI can be used in the creation of art for a podcast. Listen here.

    Keynote - ‘Storytelling in immersive environments’

    11 November

    Professor Sophy Smith, Director of the Institute of Creative Technologies considers the future of storytelling and the possibilities technology will open up for how we enjoy stories in this keynote address.

    Panel discussion - ‘Whose space is it anyway? Keeping everyone safe’

    22 November

    Professor Lucy Budd, Professor of Air Transport Management, looks at the way technology will change the management of air traffic in the future.