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DMU at Expo 2020

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It is one of the oldest, biggest and most spectacular exhibitions in the world and this year, DMU is right at the heart of it.

In October 2021, millions of visitors from across the world began travelling to Dubai for the start of Expo 2020, a six-month long celebration of technology, culture, education and business at which countries from around the world will showcase their very best innovations in areas like space exploration, AI, healthcare, arts, culture and sustainability.

Each country has its own pavilion at the 4.38 square kilometre Expo site in south Dubai.

The UK Pavilion is being operated by the Government’s Department of International Trade (DIT) and DMU is working closely with the team as one of the Pavilion’s only official founding partners.

This means DMU has a continuous presence at one of the world’s biggest, highest-profile exhibitions, showing the world its high-impact research, innovative approaches to sustainability, and creating unparalleled experiences for students through the event.

Watch the videos below to get an insight into what Expo 2020 is all about and what the spectacular 438 hectare Dubai site looks like on the ground.

What to expect at Expo 2020

A fly through the UK Pavilion