'Put our divisions aside' says Lithuanian vigil volunteer

A Lithuanian student says he is 'so perplexed' by recent world developments that he has asked to make a personal plea for global harmony at De Montfort University Leicester's (DMU) 24-hour vigil in Hawthorn Square.

Mindaugas Griguola IMG_6256

Mindaugas Griguola is a first year Computer Games Programming student at DMU who has volunteered to give a short speech during the vigil.

"In recent years I have had mixed emotions about world events,” said the 19-year-old, who moved to Wellingborough, Northants, with his family five years ago.

“The world has become more complex and more confusing. I thought it is important to voice my view.


”Unity is key - if we, as people, are divided, we cannot face the world's problems.

"There are already enough problems in the world with normal issues, bills to pay, without us adding to them by being divided.

"There's no need for more hatred, bigotry or conflict. It's really sad to see how people can treat each other badly because of their religion, their race or sexuality.

"We, as people, need to agree to disagree."

Posted on Wednesday 8th February 2017

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