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Stunning and thought-provoking images on display in photography exhibition


An exhibition which will aim to explore and understand the world in which we live is being launched on Monday by students from DMU’s renowned Masters in Photography.


ARTIST: Mo Greig, whose work We're Already Here features in the exhibition

Explorations into climate change, food and ethnicity, the movement of time, domestic violence, death and relationships and a reaction to the negative portrayals of Romanians are all represented at the exhibition which runs from today (12 January) to Friday 30 January.

The showcase will represent a diverse set of interests by the students as well as a diverse approach to presenting photography to the public.

An introduction to the exhibition says: “In 1978 John Szarkowski, then the Director of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, suggested “two creative motives” that the serious photographer is faced with, and the potential that the medium has in the way that it can be used.

“He asked: “…is it a mirror, reflecting a portrait of the artist who made it, or a window, through which one might better know the world?”

“This duality of the photograph, to explore both the real world and the world of the imagination, is evident in the work of recent graduates from the Photography Masters Programme at De Montfort University.

“Motivated by a common desire to explore and understand the world in which they live, this exhibition presents a diverse set of interests and approaches to photography.”

The photographers and their works involved in the exhibition are Steve Buckley, with Generation Climate, Nicky Callis with Food. Race. Ethnicity, Charlotte Fox, with Imaginary Time, Charles Naylor, with Fake Narcissus, Shiam Wilcox, with An Unreachable Place, Bhavya Kotian with Vicious Cycle and Mo Greig with We’re Already Here.

The exhibition will take place in the Leicester People’s Gallery, at the junction of Belvoir Street and Wellington Street, opposite Fenwick’s department store.

Posted on Monday 12th January 2015

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