Clearing FAQs

 If you have any queries about joining DMU Clearing, we hope our frequently asked questions will offer you all the guidance you need. If you still have a question, call us now at +44 (0)116 257 7000 or WhatsApp on 07970 655 800.

  1. What is Clearing?

    Clearing is a process managed by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). It gives university applicants the opportunity to gain a university place if they haven’t yet managed to secure one.  

    If you haven't yet applied to university, you’ve decided you’d like to study something different, or your circumstances have changed, then you can apply through Clearing to find alternative courses to study, including courses that start in September 2024.

  2. How do I accept my Clearing offer?

    If you have any questions prior to accepting your Clearing offer, call our Clearing team on 0116 257 7000 for further guidance.

    Clearing offers before 15 August 2024

    Go to your UCAS Hub when Clearing opens on 5 July and add DMU as your Clearing choice. If you are holding no other offers, we will then confirm your offer. If you have an offer from another institution, you’ll need to log onto your UCAS Hub to release yourself from this institution before you are able to add your Clearing offer from DMU.

    Clearing offers from 15 August 2024

    1. Login or register onto UCAS Hub
    2. Add ‘Clearing Choice’ – enter DMU campus code D26 and course code
    3. UCAS will notify DMU you have applied
    4. Your acceptance will be displayed in the choices section
    5. Shortly after, UCAS will send confirmation that your place is confirmed and add DMU

    If you have an offer from another institution, you'll have to release yourself from this institution on your UCAS Hub before you can add your Clearing offer from DMU.

  3. I haven’t met the conditions for my Firm or Insurance offers – am I now in Clearing?

    Yes, if you haven’t been accepted by either your firm or insurance choice, you’ll be placed into Clearing by UCAS – you’ll be able to check this status via UCAS Hub.
  4. What is a Clearing contextual offer?

    Clearing Contextual Offers will be offered to applicants who live in areas deemed low Higher Education participation neighbourhoods (POLAR Quintiles 1 and 2*), who are Care experienced or who are in receipt of Free School Meals.

    When you call our supportive Clearing Team, they will ask you for some information to determine if they can make you a Clearing Contextual Offer.

    *Quintile 1 shows the lowest rate of participation and Quintile 5 shows the highest rate of participation).

  5. Do I have to apply through UCAS?

    All UK/EU students wanting to study an undergraduate degree course must apply via UCAS. If you are an international student you can apply directly to DMU via the application portal.

  6. Can I apply now?

    Yes and our lines are now open – you can contact us today to find out more by calling +44 (0) 116 257 7000.
  7. When are Clearing lines open?

    15 August 6am - 8pm

    16 August 8am - 6pm

    17 August 10am - 3pm

    18 August 10am - 3pm

  8. What courses can I apply for at DMU through Clearing and what are the entry requirements?

    For information about which courses are available and entry requirements you can call us on +44 (0) 116 257 7000.
  9. I haven’t had my results yet but I'm interested in applying to DMU through Clearing – what do I need to do?

    We are happy to talk to you to discuss your options and provide further information. You can get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 116 257 7000.
  10. How do I contact DMU to apply for a Clearing place?

    To find out more and apply through Clearing, you can call us on +44 (0) 116 257 7000.
  11. I've been accepted at another university but I’ve changed my mind and I am interested in DMU – what can I do?

    If you are holding a firm unconditional place, you can use online self-release into Clearing, by using the ‘decline your place’ button in Track. Please note that seeking a release from your current unconditional firm choice will mean that you are placed into Clearing. A release from your unconditional firm offer will not automatically allow you to go to your insurance choice.

    We are happy to discuss your options with you and offer you guidance on the next steps. You can get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 116 257 7000.

  12. I applied to DMU earlier this year but didn’t get offered a place. Can I apply again through Clearing?

    You won't usually be able to reapply for a course where you have been unsuccessful within the same academic cycle, unless any of the information you have previously provided to us has since changed.

    However, you are welcome to contact us and apply to study a different course – you can view our full list of courses available through Clearing.

  13. I’m not available to call or email the university – can a friend or relative do this on my behalf?

    Due to data protection purposes, we are only able to discuss general information with someone other than an applicant. The exception to this is if you have a nominated person included on your UCAS application and they contact us on your behalf. If you think you’ll need to enquire about a Clearing place, you are strongly advised to be available to do this.
  14. I didn’t get chance to visit DMU before making my decision on where to study – what can I do?

    You can get a feel for life at DMU by booking a tour of campus or chat to current students through The Ambassador Platform. Alternatively, you can join us at one of our upcoming Open Days.
  15. What happens if there are no places on my chosen course?

    While we will do all we can to be flexible, there may be courses that we are unable to offer places on for certain reasons. If you are considering studying with us we would encourage you contact us to review your options.
  16. I now have the grades for my firm choice course but have been accepted onto a different course, what can I do?

    We recommend contacting us to discuss this and we will be able to offer you further support and advice. You can get in touch by calling +44 (0) 116 257 7000.
  17. Will DMU be honouring all of the places it has offered to students?

    We will be honouring places for all applicants who have received confirmation of their offer to study at DMU and who now hold an unconditional firm place.

    If you are a conditional firm holder and we are still waiting outstanding results or information we will still need to receive confirmation that your results meet the offer requirements before we can confirm your place.

    We will be working hard to try and confirm your place as soon as we receive your results.

  18. What is the best way to show evidence of our UCAS predicted grades if students don’t have access to that ourselves?

    DMU already has access to your UCAS predicted grades. We are working closely with UCAS on the process for revised grades and responding to the latest updates from the UK government and Ofqual.
  19. What should I do if I can’t get hold of transcripts or certificates?

    It might be that you are currently unable to provide all of the documents we have asked for as part of your application, such as transcripts, references or certificates. If this is the case, we recommend contacting our enquiry team by calling +44 (0) 116 257 7000 to discuss this further.
  20. DMU has made me a Clearing offer – what happens next?

    If you've received a Clearing offer over the phone, we will then follow this up with a confirmation email. Please ensure you check your inbox, including your junk folder, as it includes very important information. 

    The confirmation email will detail the next steps you will need to take and timeframes for when you need to do this by. This will usually include providing proof of any qualifications you mentioned over the phone and selecting DMU and the relevant course as your Clearing choice through UCAS Hub.

    In some instances, there may be other conditions attached, such as submission of an electronic portfolio – you will be advised of this in your phone conversation and it will also be detailed in the email you receive from us.

  21. How long can I hold on to a Clearing offer?

    After you are given a Clearing offer to study at DMU, you will receive an email with what steps you’ll need to take next. For your offer to be fulfilled, you must complete these steps before the deadline mentioned in the email.
  22. How many Clearing offers can I hold?

    There is no limit to how many universities you can contact or hold Clearing offers with, but each one will have a limited time in which you need to accept it, and you’ll only be able to accept one of them through UCAS.
  23. I’m already holding an offer at DMU but want to switch to a different course – can I do this?

    If you haven’t yet started at DMU: If you’ve secured a place at DMU starting in September 2024 and would like to change your course, please contact us on +44 (0) 116 257 7000 so we can look into this. If you meet the relevant entry requirements and there are still places available, our admissions team will advise on how to switch your course.

  24. I’m holding an offer with DMU and I’ve got my results but my UCAS Hub hasn’t been updated to show my place is confirmed – why is this?

    Your application is very important to us and we will be sure to update it as soon as we can. If it hasn’t been updated on UCAS Hub yet, there could be a few reasons for this. If you have gained qualifications other than A levels or BTECs, we may not have received confirmation of your results which means you will need to send a copy of them to us.

    It is also useful to check the conditions of your offer, which will be detailed on UCAS Hub. It may be that there are other outstanding conditions you still need to meet. If you are concerned then please get in touch with us by calling +44 (0) 116 2 50 60 70.

  25. I’ve been told I need to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for the course I want to join – how do I do this?

    Once you have accepted your offer to study with us, if a DBS check is required as part of your chosen course then we will send the form and relevant instructions to you.
  26. Can I apply for student accommodation if I come through Clearing?

    You can still apply for accommodation. For the most up-to-date information and advice, please email
  27. Will changing my university and my course affect my Student Finance?

    No, but it’s recommended you contact Student Finance direct to inform a member of the team about this change to avoid any delays in receiving your funding.
  28. Are Clearing students able to apply for a scholarship?

    For more information about scholarships and what you may be eligible for, please visit the fees and funding section of our website.

  29. I've spent time in care, will DMU consider a reduced offer?

    If you are care experienced, the university will consider a reduced offer. Please note that you will need to provide evidence of your time in care. This can be a letter from the local authority where you were looked after confirming the period of time spent in care. For more advice, please contact