Fine Art BA (Hons) module-details


Year one (Level 4)

Introduction to Fine Art
A year-long course in which you follow 4 modules which combine specialist teaching across the the following areas: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, video and digital media.

A year-long course in Drawing that begins with a semester of observational drawing from the figure. In the second semester you will develop your individual drawing practice as a key introduction to independent practice.

Contextual and Professional Studies
An introduction to the ideas, histories, themes and practices of Fine Art.

Year two (Level 5)

Studio Practice Development

Studio Practice Development
An advanced workshop in painting, print-making, sculpture, photography and photography/digital art, according to your choice. In the second semester, you will choose your own creative direction with support from studio tutors.

Contextual and Professional Studies 2
Your contextual understanding of the subject is developed through a lecture series, alongside structured research and reflection.

Year three (Level 6)

Art Practice and Presentation
In your final year, you will consolidate your creative and individual position in Fine Art practice with support from studio tutors. The culmination of this module is the Degree Show, which is a public showcase of your work.

Contextual and Professional Studies 3
Contextual and professional understanding of the subject is developed through a research essay and journal. You will leave the course with a public website of your work and/or a professional portfolio, ready for life after university. 

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.