Arts and Festivals Management BA (Hons) module details


Year one (Level 4)

The Creative Arts Manager
This module seeks to get students started by introducing them to key aspects of the political, policy and funding context in which arts managers operate in the UK.

Running and Promoting a Venue
This module provides students with excellent practical experience through the organisation, promotion and marketing of an actual real event within a venue as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Cultural Events Design
This module engages students with current practice within the arts by attending and critiquing a mixed programme of performances, exhibitions and other events. It also introduces students to the concept of event design and enables them to visit a number of venues to examine contemporary practices in staging events as well as explore their own approaches to event design. Talks by arts practitioners, technicians and event designers will further enhance their knowledge of relevant practice in cultural events design.

Cultural Leadership
This module introduces management and leadership concepts such as organisational culture, governance, motivation, team working, recruitment, workforce development, strategic and project planning that will enable you to understand how cultural organisations work and the roles that leaders play in them.  The module is taught by industry practitioners and guest speakers.

Year two (Level 5)

International Research Project
This module explores cultural policy and politics in Europe. Why and how do politicians engage with and influence the arts in their countries? How can cultural managers influence the decisions that they take? The module includes a week long research visit to a major European city.

Research Methods: Dissertation
In this module students examine the range of research methods that are used by arts and festivals managers, and also develop their academic research skills in preparation for their Year 3 dissertation.

Research Methods: Placement
In this module students complete work that develops their practical research skills by means of a 15 day placement in an arts organisation of their choice.

Arts and Communities Project
This module examines the issues surrounding cultural diversity and gives students the exciting opportunity to produce their own event in groups within a community setting. 

Engaging Audiences
This module explores strategic marketing approaches such as segmentation and targeting and experience marketing through the development of a marketing strategy applied to a live event. The module is taught by industry practitioners and guest speakers.

Programming and Planning Festivals
In this module students have the chance to develop their understanding of business and strategic planning for a one-off festival event in a ‘real life’ context.  It also addresses the principal areas of law that affect public events.  The module is taught by industry practitioners and guest speakers.

Year three (Level 6)

Each student will receive lectures and tutorial time with an assigned tutor to help them prepare and write their 10,000 word dissertation.  They will be advised about their research – reading and relevant organisations to contact – and the writing of the final dissertation. 

Creative Enterprise and Advanced Work Placement
This module develops entrepreneurial skills and requires students to workshop their own idea for a creative business.  It also provides them with a 4 weeks placement opportunity in an arts organisation of their choice.

Event and Festivals Management
This module provides an invaluable practical experience with students opting either to produce a large scale arts event of their choice in groups or producing, programming and running the high profile Cultural eXchanges Festival.  The module is taught by industry practitioners and guest speakers.

Music Industry Management
The overall aim of this module is to increase a general understanding of the UK music industry and develop personal confidence in it as a possible source of employment.  It explores how different aspects of the sector are managed, copyright, music publishing, live, the recorded industry and the current developments of an evolving business. The module is taught by industry practitioners and guest speakers.

Arts Management Studio
The overall aim of this module is to increase a general understanding of working as an arts manager in current, thriving arts organisations by utilising the richness of the local arts community within Leicester. The main module component includes a consultancy-type project involving one of six arts pillars geared towards Dance, Media, Theatre, Festivals, Galleries and Young People. Its hands on approach is designed to provide students with ‘in-organisation’ and co-creative experience to develop their understanding of arts management issues; with the direct effect of increasing engagement and partnerships with local arts organisations and businesses.

The Arts and Festivals Management BA (Hons) modules listed are subject to change.