Media Production Module Details

First yearSecond yearThird year

First year

  • Image Capture and Processing 
    This module introduces you to photography and video acquisition, digitisation, compression and storage.
  • Audio Capture and Processing
    Two 12-week segments introduce learners to the essentials of sound recording, processing and outputting: in audio production, microphone types and selection for specific tasks, to studio and location-based recording, and compositing in multi-track environments within Adobe Audition; prior learning is applied further within radio production, where learners gather real-world content using location equipment and radio studio facilities, before delivering material using RCS Zetta, DMU's industry-standard radio playout system
  • Social Media Innovation 
  • Multimedia 1 
    The module introduces animation and multimedia concepts for web based formats, including web design and publishing, and animation techniques

Second year

Core Modules

  • Television Studio Production 
    The module provides an overview of television production systems, processes and standards. You will learn in our on-site television studios, gaining more hands-on experience in television production.
  • Video and Imaging Techniques 
    This module explores the process of still and moving digital image production from the initial capture, through editing to display and distribution

Optional Modules

  • Social Media Innovation 
    This module explores the role of social media technology in contemporary media industries
  • Multimedia 2
    This module explores animation and time-based multimedia production for both web and disc-based format
  • Audio Recording and Production
    The audio recording studio is used in the creation of a range of ‘live’ recording scenarios, developing recording skills in the multichannel recording studio
  • Radio Studio Production 
    This module gives you the opportunity to develop audio recordings for radio, while learning about the principles, techniques and practices of radio production.  You will use our broadcast-standard radio production studios and get involved with Demon FM, our community radio station

Third year

Core Modules

  • Technology Project 
    This module gives you the opportunity to undertake a self-managed project building on knowledge, experience and skills acquired during the course, with tutorial support

Optional Modules

  • Post-production for Video and Film 
    This module examines a range of techniques and issues associated with modern post- production, including digital compositing, incorporating CG, special effects, motion graphics and titles, and sound
  • Creative Image Production 
    In this module you will develop advanced photography skills and investigate a number of applications of imaging technology, for example, medical imaging, astrophotography, forensic science, security, entertainment etc
  • Television Documentary Production 
    In this module you will understand and develop the skills and techniques used in single-camera television production to create broadcast-ready programmes
  • Social Media Practice 
    In this module you will develop social media production skills through designing and creating products for use in a range of social media contexts
  • Multimedia 3
    This module explores advanced techniques in multimedia animation production for the Internet and disc-based formats.  Multimedia authoring software will be used to demonstrate advanced animation and multimedia techniques
  • Radio Location Production 
    In this module you will study the theory and practice of radio studio operation, the management of studio resources, the use and deployment of radio studio technologies, and the regulatory and legal framework related to the broadcast industry
  • Creative Media Entrepreneurship 
    This module gives you the opportunity to develop business and management skills as a producer of media content for the broadcast and online media industries
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