Surgical First Assistant (Nuffield)

This module explores theory and practice related to the role and practices of the Surgical First Assistant in any operative environment and specialty. The module is designed to develop and enhance the knowledge and practice of individuals in this evolving challenging role and enhance patient safety. The module adheres to national framework such as the PCC and AfPP statements and guidelines.

Support in the clinical environment is gained from a consultant surgeon and clinical practice mentor in the students’ work area. By working closely with Surgeons and Mentors, you will also develop team ethics and skills enhancing teamwork. Examples of theoretical components include accountability, use of electro-surgery, consent, exploration of ethical/legal issues, haemostasis and risk assessments, tissue/organ retraction and human factors.


Main campus

Entry Criteria

  • Effective registration with the NMC / HPC or other relevant professional body. ESSENTIAL
  • Undertaken successful level 4/5 academic study. ESSENTIAL
  • Currently be employed in practice and have the support of their manager in undertaking the module. ESSENTIAL

How to apply

Online Application Forms and Guidance Information

Key information

Module Category: PCPH
Module Code: 3407
Module Credits: 30
Module Level: 6

Module leader

Ally Ackbarally

T: (0116) 258 7468


Semester 1


  • 4/10/21
  • 5/10/21
  • 18/10/21
  • 19/10/21


  • 15/11/21
  • 16/11/21


  • 6/12/21
  • 7/12/21

This module will be delivered face to face.