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About Distance Learning at DMU
How distance learning works and student support
Fees and funding
Qualification and graduation

About Distance Learning at DMU

  1. I work full time and/or have a family. Will a distance learning course be suitable for me?

    Many of our students fit their studies around full-time jobs and family commitments. Studying by distance learning means that you can study at your own pace, from almost anywhere. Our distance learning courses have been specifically designed for flexible, remote study and allow you to access learning materials and resources on the go around your busy lifestyle.
  2. When will my course start?

    Many of our distance learning courses start in September but some also offer the option to start in January and April. Detailed information on start, application and closing dates, and study options can be found on individual course pages.
  3. What will I need to begin my studies?

    For many courses, you will only need access to a computer and the internet to view all the materials, contact academics and connect with other students. If you are required to have any further equipment or resources, we will let you know in advance.
  4. What types of people study a distance learning course at DMU?

    We have distance learning students from around the world. Some are recent graduates and others are experienced professionals, many managing full-time jobs around their study. Our vibrant community enables you to build valuable connections in your industry and achieve the shared aims of developing your skills and enhancing your career prospects.
  5. Will I still be considered a De Montfort University student?

    Yes, you will become an important part of our DMU community and, as a DMU student, you will have access to all of our facilities. This includes our library (which also has thousands of books and journals that can be accessed online), accommodation if you wish to live in Leicester, and, if you need, our facilities on campus. You also have the opportunity to join the De Montfort Student’s Union (DSU), designed to encourage wellbeing and belonging.
  6. Can I study from overseas?

    Yes, most of our courses are available to students overseas and in the UK. Our individual course pages give details of fees for overseas students or will let you know if that course is only available to students in the UK.

How distance learning works and student support


  1. What learning materials will I receive?

    You will find most of your materials online via our virtual learning environment alongside plenty of opportunities to engage with your tutors and fellow students. In addition, you will have access to thousands of e-books, online journals and other resources via our university library.
  2. How many hours per week will I need to study?

    Distance learning provides you with the flexibility to study around your lifestyle and therefore there aren’t usually strict timetables. Your tutors will advise you of what is expected, approximately how much time you should spend on each module and your assessment deadlines in your induction and throughout your course. You may be provided with a week by week guide of activities that will help you stay on track.
  3. What support will DMU provide me with?

    You will be supported throughout your studies by a team of subject specialist academics as well as having a personal tutor, who will support you throughout your learning journey with us. In addition, our award-winning Careers Team, offers CV and interview support, access to webinars, training sessions and one-to-one appointments.

    Our health and wellbeing hub, Healthy DMU, offers a variety of tools and activities to support you with your studies including one-to-one appointments , access to masterclasses to improve your confidence, productivity and pressure performance, and the opportunity to find out if you are eligible for disability support allowance for a disability, medical condition or mental health issue.

  4. How can I contact my tutor?

    You will be able to contact your tutors online via email and Microsoft Teams, and by phone. You will also be able to contact support staff in your subject area for queries regarding payments, applications and start dates.
  5. Will I need to travel to campus?

    For many of our courses, your study will take place completely online and there is no requirement to attend campus (although we’d love to see you if you did want to visit). Where courses involve blended learning (a mix of online and in-person teaching), more information is available online on individual course pages and we will let you know when you need to be on campus. Whether your course requires you to come to campus or not, you are always welcome to use our facilities including the library, printing services and equipment.
  6. I have a disability or a specific learning difficulty (like dyslexia or dyscalculia). What support is there for me to study by distance learning?

    There is a lot of support from DMU’s Disability Advice and Support service, which can offer individual advice tailored to your needs. You can find more information about the support available by contacting our Healthy DMU team.
  7. Will I have access to the university library

    Yes! You can access many library services online, including thousands of e-books and electronic journals to help you with your studies. Of course, you are also welcome to use the library here in Leicester too should you wish.

Fees and funding

  1. How much will it cost to complete a distance learning course?

    The cost of completing a distance learning course varies from course to course and often depends on both the level of study and how many credits you choose. Many of our courses offer flexible payment plans, helping reduce financial strain. For detailed information on fees for UK, EU and international students, please visit our individual course pages. More information can also be found on our fees and funding page.

Qualification and graduation

  1. What qualification will I receive at the end of my distance learning course?

    Students completing a distance learning course will receive the same qualification, with the same status, as a student who is studying on-campus. Many of our courses allow you to work towards different levels e.g. diploma, PG Cert and master’s.
  2. Will my degree show that I completed the course via distance learning?

    No, your award will look exactly the same as those presented to a campus-based student.
  3. Can I attend a graduation ceremony?

    Yes, following the completion of your course, you will be invited to a graduation ceremony here in Leicester. If you cannot attend we will post your certificate to you.